Richard Miller

Richard Miller

Class of 1986

El Dorado Hills, CA
Blue Bus Consulting

BA Instructional Technology, Minor in Business– CSU Chico
BFA Fine Arts: Paining & Sculture – CSU Chico

Richard has spent twenty years selling and developing "communication" solutions for businesses.   His Instructional Technology education set the stage for true consultative selling.

"I use Instructional Design everyday in my current company.  The processes are applicable in sales, training, business solutions development, etc. Bridging Performance Gaps in Business is what everyone business person is called to do in some form or another.  Having the tools and ability to dive into any position and feel confident in the evaluation, establishment of key objectives, design, implementation, and post evaluation.....those skills can serve in every field of business and every position.

 The same processes for training development are applicable in the sales and development of all sales and business positions, whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur.  I currently own Blue Bus Consulting, and I 'Bridge Performance Gaps in Business.'  Sounds like Instructional Technology huh?!!!  It is.   The flavor or my solutions are dependent and customized to the needs of my clients.  I have evaluated specific markets and opportunities and have developed a structured approach to identifying business owner needs and have developed 'packaged' and 'customizable' solutions.  I believe that the Instructional Technology degree is a rubber meets the road business education.  

 In most cases your abilities in Instructional Technology and SME assessment will put you in a position of authority and effectiveness that exceeds most of your bosses!  You will find that if you have an ounce of entrepreneurship in your blood, you will find yourself 'self-employed' and loving the results you design!"