Participating Faculty

Dean Fairbanks
Geography and Planning
Butte 527
Ten years in southern Africa, landscape ecology. Mostly in South Africa but also a year at Banda College in Malawi.

David Eaton
Butte 317
Research in east and equatorial Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, both Congos, Cameroon...).  Public health, medical anthropology, music, social change.

Hope M. Smith
Music Department
PAC 203
Research in Trinidadian and African music.

Tony Waters
Research and teaching in Tanzania.

Joel Zimbelman
Dean HFA
Childhood in Cameroon, and connections with DR Congo, Rwanda through Lutheran church programs. 

James Luyirika-Sewagudde
Academic Advising, International Studies
SSC 440

Rich Rosecrance
Plumas 223
South Af Cape Town Fulbright.

Ray Boykin
Director of Technical and Special Programs, CSU, Chico College of Business
Glenn 111
Work with NGO West Africa partners in Sierra Leone during Summer 2009, and before.

Chau Johnsen Kelly
UCD History PhD

Has commuted to Chico weekly to teach AFRI 100 and AFRI 300.  Specialist in coastal Tanzanian history. 

Jeanne Christopherson
Teaches AFRI 115 African dance class at CSU, Chico.

Janelle Gardner
Holt 355
Goes to Africa, in Uganda; has sent nursing students to Africa Impact program in Zambia.

Laurie Wermuth
Research on struggles for health in central Africa; interests in nutrition and food security.  Author: Global Inequality and Human Needs, with African case studies.

Walt Schafer
Emeritus prof.
Chico Rotary Club matching grant project in Tanzania. Connection with Stefano Moshi Memorial University College in Moshi area, northern Tanzania, near Mt. Kilimanjaro.  SMMUCo is interested in hosting a CSU, Chico faculty member with a specialization in the areas of Accountancy, Information Technology, Hospitality, or Education, and/or assistance with developing teaching/learning materials, developing funding proposals, assistance in establishing links with U.S. universities, and in general sharing expertise to help this fledgling institution grow.