Language Labs

 أهلاً و سهل• 歡迎光臨 • Bienvenue • Willkommen • Καλώς Ορίσατε • ברוך הבא • Benvenuto • ようこそ • Bem-vindo • Добро пожаловать • Bienvenido • Welcome

In Siskiyou 109D, the Multimedia Language Learning Center (MLLC) allows faculty and students to use advanced technologies to further the acquisition of world languages and cultural awareness. The application of this technology enhances the departments capability to fulfill its mission in teaching and learning.

The MLLC has 35 computers equipped with advanced language learning technology and audio/visual learning capability.

The MLLC is heavily scheduled for classroom instruction, but does offer some open hours to students enrolled in second language courses. Please check the MLLC Schedule to see when the lab is open.

Languages and language learning areas supported:

For more information contact Vicky Junco
HFA Lab Director
(530) 898-6635