Student Learning Outcomes

The MA degree program in Teaching International Languages prepares professionals who . . .

1.0  Demonstrate knowledge of language learners and the process of second language acquisition in foreign/second language contexts.

       SLO#1     TIL students demonstrate knowledge of language learners, second language acquisition, and the interaction of second language acquisition theory, research, and practice.

2.0   Develop knowledge of and competencies in curriculum, instruction, and assessment in foreign languages/TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) guided by state and national standards.

       SLO#2     TIL students demonstrate knowledge of and skills in foreign/second language teaching (e.g., methods, approaches, and strategies) and culture teaching/learning in foreign/second language contexts.
       SLO#3     TIL students demonstrate knowledge of and skills in curriculum development and language learning materials in foreign languages/TESOL.
       SLO#4     TIL students demonstrate knowledge of and skills in assessment, testing, and evaluation in foreign languages and TESOL. 

3.0   Develop competencies in and demonstrate knowledge of the target language and culture(s) specific to the foreign language or TESOL pattern.

       SLO#5 FL      TIL students further develop oral, reading and writing proficiency at the advanced level in the target language while extending their pluralistic cultural literacy and demonstrating the ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate culturally contextualized texts and traditions.
       SLO#5 TESOL     TIL students demonstrate knowledge of and competencies in linguistics, and /or teaching literacy and composition.

4.0   Engage in professional development that advances accomplished teaching of international languages and effective utilization of an ever-expanding interdisciplinary knowledge base for the benefit of language learning.

       SLO#6     TIL students develop knowledge of professional standards and demonstrate competencies in inquiry-oriented, standards-based, reflective practice.  
       SLO#7     TIL students demonstrate knowledge of and tolls for conducting a broad variety of research for continued professional development and /or further academic study.