Presidential Inauguration

Inauguration Committees

Inauguration Committee

Mike Ward, Chair
Susan Anderson, Inauguration Logistics Co-chair
Stephen Cummins, Inauguration Logistics Co-chair
Brooke Banks, Chief of Staff, Office of the President
Melanie Bassett, Event Assistant
Sarah DeForest, Event Chair
Kathleen Hassig, Executive Assistant to the President
Annette Heileson, Event Assistant
Wendy Needels, Event Chair
Alan Rellaford, Creative Director

Inauguration Advisory Committee

Farshad Azad, President’s Advisory Board
Melanie Bassett, Alumna and Executive Director, Downtown Chico Business Association
Alexa Benson-Valavanis, Alumna and Executive Director, North Valley Community Foundation
Elizabeth “Betsy” A. Boyd, Chair, Academic Senate
Doug Guerrero, University Foundation Board
Annette Heileson, Chair, Staff Council
Patrick Newell, Dean, Meriam Library
Vu Nguyen, Executive Vice President, Associated Students
Christina Nichols, Alumni Association Board
Michael Pratt, President, Associated Students
Angela Trethewey, Dean, College of Communication and Education
Joel Zimbelman, Dean Emeritus, College of Humanities and Fine Arts