Indian Students Association - CSU, Chico

ISA Chico


Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be Chico India Club, herein after referred to as "CIC" It is also recognized by its alias, "ISA" (for Indian Student Association).

Article II - Purpose

  1. To help and guide the newcomers to the University.
  2. To organize activities for the present Indians in the University.
  3. To help solve the problems of the existing members to the best of its ability.

Article III - Membership

    1. All those people who like to join this club should have an Indian origin. One and all are welcome to join.
    2. All those people who have an Indian origin are allowed to vote.
    3. All the committee members should participate and be present during the meetings. Otherwise he/she has to inform other members about his/her absence.
    1. It's open to the member to decide, the termination of his membership.
    2. If he/she is less bothered about the organization.
    3. If 2/3 rd of the members vote for his/her membership termination.
    4. It is the final decision of the ISA committee that decides the termination of a person’s membership.

Article IV - Officers and Committees

The CIC executive board consists of the following six posts-

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. General Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Event Coordinator
  6. Public Relations Officer
At least 2/3rd of the members should be present during the election and 2/3rd of the majority is counted. Elections will be held on a per semester/year basis.

Article V - Meetings

  1. Meetings are held as per the cause and necessity.
  2. Other members are notified about the minutes of meeting via a chain e-mail.