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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

For more specific questions, feel free to contact the committee members
Q) How much money should i get with me? What are the living expenses?
A) It is advisable to bring along a DD in US dollars, the amount being approximately equal to the tuition fees of 2 semesters ( 7000-8000 $). The living expenses are approximately as follows - * Food - $75-$100 /month. *Rent - $150 - $250 /month *Miscellaneous - 250$ (first month only).

Q) What courses should I take? which books should I bring? Where can I get the email addresses of my professors?
A)Refer your tentative class schedule. Remember that there are sometimes last minute changes in this schedule. You would atleast know the professors whose classes you will be taking. For their email addresses, go here You can either mail the respective professors for what books to bring for their course or contact your seniors.

Q) When is it best to arrive in Chico? How do I look for an apartment? Can I stay in the college dorms?
A) The sooner you come the better. That way, you could look around for the apartment of your choice. Arrive atleast 15 days before the commencement of college. Hardly anyone stays in the college dorms; its expensive, it gets filled well in advance and most imporatant of all, its closed during summer.

Q) Can I get assistantship in the form of Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant or other on-campus jobs?
A) The opportunities for TA/RA are very limited. The bulk of the populace work in the mess and cafeteria. The pay is 8.00$ /hr. You cannot work for more than 20 hrs/week.

Q) I saw in the college brouchure that I can take a domestic airline right upto chico.
A) You could always opt for an air ride upto Chico but its much costlier, and you need to take a cab from the airport to get down here. Almost all new arriving students prefer their seniors to pick them from the airport. If you would like to be picked up, contact a committee member ATLEAST a week in advance with your name, your flight details and time of arrival.

Q) Can I get health insurance from India?
A) Yes you can, if you want to save a few bucks. But it should strictly cover the college requirements.