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New Students

Things to bring

A list of things which might be 'relatively' more or very expensive over here than in India and should be in your baggage if you want to save money.

Textbooks - get all those you think you will need, as they are the costliest commodity here.
Eye-glasses : bring 1 extra pair (Eye glasses are expensive over here). Know your prescription in case you want to order one from India
Shoes/formal wear: Formal leather shoes - 1 pair, instant polish, slippers, 1 pair of good quality casual (sports) shoes, 6 pairs socks, leather belts- 2 casual and 1 formal. Get a good suit, 2 ties, 4 shirts, 3 formal pants.
Summer wear: Temperature in Chico sometimes soars above 40 degrees.Shorts, which are up to the knees and have lots of pockets, are worn during warmer days. Get 8-10 cotton T-Shirts, 3-4 Jeans/gaberdines/cargo trousers, sandals or chappals.
Winter wear: Winters are harsh and sometimes go below freezing point, so get thermal wear. Bring a good winter jacket (though many prefer buying them here), 1 good sweater, 1 monkey-cap, 1 muffler and woolen gloves. Note: It also rains sometimes, so throw in an umbrella or a rainy jacket as well.
Miscellaneous : 12 pairs undergarments. A traditional dress for festive occassions. Also (optional) get a track suit, night suit, swimming trunk, a cap.
Toiletries: 2-3 toothbrushes, sewing kit and medicines. Don't forget to bring your prescription!
Kitchenware: A 6 liter capacity pressure cooker, and some large vessels. Note that the vessels should have a flat bottom as almost all apartments have heater coils for cooking. A 'suggested' list is unbreakable plates, eating and serving spoons, 1 non-stick kadhai, 1 non-stick tava, 1 belen and Chakala / polpat, 4 tapeli (cooking vessels).
Spices: Bring in all the spices/masalas (pav bahji/ channa/ garam/ chicken/ chhole masala) you can; rice, oil, sugar, salt are easily available here. Bring some sweets to please your seniors, especially those 'maa ke ladoo' :-)
Stationery - Ball pens and refills, Sketch pens / marker, phone diary, celotape, calculator and Blank CD's or DVD's. (DON'T BRING PUNCHING MACHINE).

DON'T bring electrical appliances like iron etc. The utility supply in US is 110 V, 60 Hz

Finally here is a list of Documents that you shouldn't overlook

  1. Passport Photocopies (Leave a copy in each bag you bring).
  2. Admission Letter (Leave a copy in each bag you bring).
  3. I-20 & visa Photocopies (Leave a copy in each bag you bring).
  4. Credentials (Keep them in the bag you carry)
  5. Transcripts
  6. Medical Fitness Certificate
  7. Vaccination Certificate
  8. Foreign Clearance From Income Tax
  9. Recent Passport Photographs/negatives 4
  10. Indian Calander (Optional).
  11. Receipts of travelers cheques (Keep it in the bag you carry).