May 16, 2011Vol. 41, Issue 6

Dear Readers

Welcome to the new Inside Chico State. This shift from a paper to an online publication has been in the making for a year—not without some regret for abandoning a hard copy we could hold in our hands. However, we are excited about the opportunities inherent in a web version: color, more photos, slideshows and video, reader comments, flexibility in article size, links, and coordination with social media.

Francie Divine, art director for ICS and other publications, invested many hours in the new design of the web page. Anna Harris, assistant editor, and I have spent time deciding what to include, what is essential, what an ideal online newsletter would look like, and how it could be made as easy as possible to navigate. Roberta Roebuck, web development lead in Web Services & Graphic Design/Academic Technologies, added her expertise and perseverance to make our design into a reality.

We’ve kept the features that you’ve indicated you like to read and created easy access to things such as achievements. We have a space for your photos of campus or campus-related activities. In this issue, we’ve used it for this note to you, but in the future, we hope to collaborate with photographers around campus who would like to share their work.

New features will continue to be rolled out over the next year. Next semester, look for “We asked…”, in which we pose questions to people around campus—and publish their answers along with their photos.

There is also a link to submit comments at the bottom right of each page. We invite your feedback on both the form of the newsletter and its content. We will publish them as we get them, with a few common-sense guidelines.
Our greatest hope for the Inside Chico State redesign is that you read it and enjoy it as much as you read the hard-copy version. Let us know what you think.

Enjoy your summer—we’ll return in the fall with more of the new Inside Chico State.


Kathleen McPartland, editor