Sept. 22, 2011Vol. 42, Issue 1

International Sculpture Award

MFA Graduate Will Be Part of International Exhibit

The 15 award recipients will participate in the Grounds for Sculpture fall/winter exhibition, which will be on view from Oct. 16, 2011, to April 8, 2012, in Hamilton, New Jersey. The artists’ work will also be included in the exhibition catalogue and be featured in Sculpture Magazine, as well as on the ISC website at

Lalaguna’s award-winning piece was part of his MFA project and show. It is a large grey house that fits over his head and torso. Also part of the MFA project, but not chosen for the ISC exhibit, was a project that involved fabricating a dozen small green soft toys and a carrier for all of them that fit on his body. He took them with him wherever he went for six months, photographed them in several cities, and finally oversaw their adoption to suitable parents at a culminating show.

Lalaguna wrote in his artist’s statement for ISC, “Testing and pushing the physical capabilities of the body is my artistic foundation. Working between sculpture and performance, the body is my structure for experimentation and revelation. Growing up in a rural country environment where everything was a physical task, the body served as a tool that functioned as a carrier, creator, and cancer. I spent a good amount of my life working as a laborer, breaking down my physical self to get by. The lifestyle helped me develop strong morals and ethics that transferred directly into my methodology as an artist. I don’t take short cuts. A job well done, creating something that will last the test of time, is my goal.”

Lalaguna’s recent exhibitions include his master’s exhibition at the University Art Gallery, 2011; the 55th Annual Juried Student Exhibition at the University Art Gallery, 2010; Co-Motion at the Humanities Center Gallery, 2009; and group exhibitions including the Members Show at the 1078 Gallery in Chico, 2010; MFA Graduate Show at the BMU 3rd Floor Gallery, 2010; Jtown, a juried exhibit at 1078 Gallery, 2009; and Evolution of the Dreamer 4 at The Frame in Chico, 2009.

The ISC established the annual student award program to recognize young sculptors and to encourage their continued commitment to the field. The winners were selected through a competitive viewing process by a panel of artists and curators. More than 485 students from 16 countries and 190 institutions submitted work.

—Kathleen McPartland, Public Affairs and Publications