Dec. 13, 2011Vol. 42, Issue 3

closeup of jail library

At Work, in Jail

Five Chico State students spend a total of up to 60 hours each week locked behind bars—as legal research assistants at the Butte County Jail. The students are part of the County Jail Law Project (CJLP), a Community Legal Information Center (CLIC) program started by the late Professor Paul Persons. Sally Parker, Political Science, directs the project and also serves as inmate advocate at the jail and supervisor of the jail’s Law Library.

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book cover of 'The many worlds of Harry Kessler'

The Many Worlds of Harry Kessler: An Interview with Laird M. Easton

Professor Laird M. Easton, chair of the Department of History, has edited and translated Journey to the Abyss: The Diaries of Count Harry Kessler, 1880–1918, (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2011). Never before published in English, these journals of the Anglo-German aristocrat, art patron, critic, writer, publisher, soldier, secret agent, and diplomat present a sweeping panorama of the arts and politics of Belle Époque Europe, followed by a chilling description of the destruction of this glittering world in the violence of the First World War.

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photo of Paul Zingg

From the President's Desk

Undoubtedly to the point of overkill for many, we are deluged with facts and figures about how bad the budget situation has become for public higher education in California. It is as hard to fathom the numbers as it is to accept the rationale behind them. 

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Artwork of Michael Jackson with a white mask on half of his face

BSS Faculty Colloquium

Sherrow Pinder, Political Science and Multicultural and Gender Studies, discussed the complex nature of forming a black identity as it relates to child pop star and mega-star Michael Jackson at the Behavioral and Social Sciences Colloquium on Dec. 12. 

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photo of Dave Waddell

A Commitment to Student Success

Dave Waddell’s career in the Department of Journalism has always been about benefitting students—by teaching, advising, and bringing more diverse students to the journalism program. Even though he will be stepping down from his position as advisor of The Orion at the end of this semester, his commitment to recruiting and helping students within the department will continue.

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Jim Moon at Peace Corps 50th reunion

CSU, Chico’s Peace Corps History

The 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps, started by President John Kennedy in 1961, was recently celebrated in Washington, D.C., Sept. 22–25, 2011. Loren and Diana Parks and I attended the anniversary, along with more than 5,000 other returned Peace Corps volunteers, their families, and friends.

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