September 13, 2012Vol. 43, Issue 1

An Academic Rock Star: New GE Pathways Program

The GE Pathways program, under construction for the last four years (two in creation and two in implementation), is newly launched this semester. New students are being offered a general education program that provides them with a minor, if they choose. It is a solution to problems that plague GE programs everywhere: students who don’t see the point of GE classes when they are pressed to move through school quickly and, too often, a lack of coherence in the program itself.

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The 2012 Diversity Academy participants with Chief Diversity Officer Tracy Butts (far left) and Office of Diversity and Inclusion Director Tray Robinson (far right). Facilitator Susan Shaw, Oregon State University, is at top center in a pink shirt.

Two Weeks Toward a More Cohesive Campus Community

The second cohort of the CSU, Chico Diversity Academy met for two weeks this July, sequestered for seven and a half hours each day and struggling with how to address diversity issues on campus and beyond. I was among the 23 staff and faculty members around those Selvester’s tables, and the experience has transformed the way I work.

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From the President's Desk

photo of Paul Zingg

Beyond the Fence

Part One: "Smart Growth"

As the title of this column suggests, this is the first of several similarly-themed pieces focused on overcoming the challenges (the “fences”) that I identified in my fall convocation address.

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Someone You Know

As anthropology professor Jesse Dizard’s two daughters grow up, he worries more and more about the incredibly high rates of sexual assault in the United States. “This is something that has been bothering me for a long time,” he says.

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COB Program

Building Global Entrepreneurs

What happens in Chico has the potential to reach around the world. Just ask accounting professor Curt DeBerg. He helps high school students in Bahrain, Burundi, Canada, China, Ireland, Pakistan, Russia, Senegal, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, and Zambia, among others, serve their communities—and the world—by starting businesses.

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Legacy Gift to University

image of the coins donated by Durkee

An Enduring Commitment to Education

While much is not known about 1966 alumnus Duane Durkee and his beloved mother and aunt, there is a prevailing theme in their lives: the value of education. The last, and most enduring, expression of that commitment came this summer, when Chico State received a gift of more than one-half million dollars to support student scholarships in the biological sciences.

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