March 28, 2013Vol. 43, Issue 1


Faceting and polishing emeralds. Photo by Brian Brazeal.

Faceting and polishing emeralds. Photo by Brian Brazeal.

Brian Brazeal, Anthropology, published “Indian Religions in the Global Emerald Trade: A Photo Essay” in Visual Anthropology Review, Vol. 28, No. 2, Fall 2012. His essay on the Advanced Laboratory for Visual Anthropology at California State University, Chico, “Digital Cinema for Anthropological Research,” appeared online in the American Anthropological Association’s Anthropology News.


Steve Henderson, Biological Sciences, provided technical review for Fit Quickies: 5-Minute, Targeted Body-Shaping Workouts by alumna Lani Muelrath.

Michael Magliari, History, published a review of Steamboats and the Rise of the Cotton Kingdom by Robert Gudmestad in the Journal of American History, December 2012.

Michael Perelman, Economics, published “The Danger of the Expansion of Modern Western School of Economics for China” in the Journal of Wuhan University of Technology: Social Sciences Edition, Vol. 25, No. 1; “Labor Day Confession of a Lapsed Economist” in Empirical Magazine, September 2012; “The Power of Economics vs. The Economics of Power” in Challenge: The Magazine of Economic Affairs, September-October; “What Went Wrong: An Idiosyncratic Perspective on the Economy and Economics” in Review of Radical Political Economics, Vol. 44, No. 4; and “Food for Economists: Breakfast Club’s Recipe for Inductive Economics” in Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology, Chapter 15, Vol. 30A. An interview with Perelman appeared in Uniting Struggles: Critical Social Research in Critical Times.

Stephen D. Treanor, Finance and Marketing, co-authored “Pension Conversion, Termination, and Wealth Transfers,” Journal of Risk and Insurance, 2013.

Awards and Activities

Michael Magliari, History, presented “Indian Slavery in Colusa County During the Gold Rush and Civil War Eras, 1850–1865” as the guest speaker at the Colusi County Historical Society Annual Meeting in Colusa, Feb. 16.

James Matray, History, was appointed to the Advisory Committee of the Northeast Asian History Foundation in Seoul, Korea, and is editor in chief of the Journal of American-East Asian Relations.

Michael Perelman, Economics, presented “Thorstein Veblen: An American Context” at Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, July 6, 2012.  

Natalya Shkoda, Music and Theatre, was an invited adjudicator for the William Corbett-Jones Piano Competition at the San Francisco State University School of Music and Dance in December 2012.


Drew Calandrella, Student Affairs, and Deborah Stewart, Student Health Services, received $234,549 from the CSU Trustees for the UMatter Student Mental Health Program, which will provide mental health training to the campus and services to students.

Ding Cheng, Civil Engineering, received $50,000 from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission for a Quality Control Plan for the Bay Area Pavement Management Technical Assistance Program, working at various inspector testing facilities.

Joseph Cobery and Tatiana Fassieux, Passages, received $4,000 from California Health Advocates for an SMP expansion grant.

Dan DeWayne, University Public Events, received $5,000 from the City of Chico for Chico World Music Festival 2012–2013.

Joseph Greene, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and Sustainabile Manufacturing, received $10,000 from the California Rice Research Board to develop rice waste, including straw, hulls, and waste rice, to create a laminated composite material.

Tom Fox, English, received $113,566 from the National Writing Project to continue in his position as associate director of site development for the project. 

Celeste Jones, School of Social Work, received from UC Berkeley the following: $989,232 for Master of Social Work Program 2012–2013 supporting students with loans that are forgiven when students meet certain employment standards, and $380,395 for Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Project 2012–2013 and $200,134 for Bachelor of Social Work Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Project 2012–2013, both of which provide specialized child welfare education to students.

Celeste Jones, School of Social Work; Valerie Peck, Passages; and Kathy Cox, School of Social Work, received $24,966 from UC Berkeley for Title IV-E Stipend Program Field Instruction Initiative 2012–2013, renewing CSU, Chico’s participation in the program that develops, implements, and evaluates a training and consultation model for use with field instructors in public child welfare.

Michael Kotar, School of Educaiton, received $17,000 from the Shasta County Office of Education for Northstate Consortium for Alternative Certification, a project providing an alternative pathway to earning a California teaching credential.

Diana Parks, International Education, and William Loker, Undergraduate Education, received $178,230 from the International Research and Exchanges Board for a six-week International Teaching Excellence and Achievement training program.

Jennifer Rotnem and Dan Pickard, Center for Ecosystem Research, and Tag Engstrom, Biology, received $39,281 from the University of Maryland for 87 bioassessment samples collected from California’s Central Valley and delivered to the Department of Fish and Game’s Aquatic Bioassessment Laboratory.

Brian Terhorst, KCHO, received $175,815 from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for year one of a community service grant to fund programming and production costs by Northstate Public Radio. 

Al Schademan, School of Education, received $75,000 from the Walter S. Johnson Foundation for Chico Rural Teacher Pathway: Creating a Homegrown Teacher Workforce in Butte County. 

Emilyn Sheffield, Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Management, received $17,500 from the US Forest Service to develop a corridor management plan for the Lake Koocanusa National Scenic Byway/State Scenic Highway.

Cindy Wolff and Jenny Sharkey, Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion, received $52,389 from Lassen County for nutrition education services. 

Charles Zartman, School of Education, and William Loker, Undergraduate Education, received $73,500 from Konkuk University in Korea for Konkuk University 2013 Winter Institute, focused on developing language in multiple contexts.

Charles Zartman, School of Education, and Maggie Payne, Communication and Education, received $91,875 from the Chungcheongbuk Province Office of Education in Korea for Korean Teachers Institute 2013, 20 days of instruction for 35 teachers and one supervisor from Korea.

In the News

Ed Abramson, professor emeritus, Psychology, was quoted in “Michelle Obama’s Incomplete Obesity Fight,” which appeared on the Everyday Health website March 6, 2013.

Alison Wylie, Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion, was mentioned in “Tehama County Educators Tour White House Garden Sites,” about her tour of the White House gardens and participation in other events in Washington, D.C., with local teacher Joni Samay, who submitted an essay through Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move program, Red Bluff Daily News, November 2012.