March 28, 2013Vol. 43, Issue 1

New Chancellor Enjoys First Visit to Chico

California State University Chancellor Timothy White visited Chico State Wednesday, March 13. He plans to explore each of the 23 CSU campuses by December.

“What I don’t want to do is get isolated from our core business,” said White about working off campus for the first time in his professional life. His campus visits, he adds, are an attempt to prevent that isolation from the day-to-day work of educating students—and to get a more intimate picture of each university. “I’m a tactile learner,” he said of his efforts to “get out and get an understanding of the system I am responsible for.”

White met with administrators, faculty, staff, AS officers, and the media. But perhaps most importantly for this former Undercover Boss, he met with students organically, while strolling across campus, to talk about everything from bikes to budgets.

White’s visit to what he called the “quintessential college community” was photographed by Beiron Andersson. A selection of his images can be viewed on the California State University, Chico Facebook page.

—Anna Harris, Public Affairs and Publications