May 5, 2014Vol. 44, Issue 5

From the Editor

You may have noticed this edition of Inside Chico State looks a little different. This marks the second year we’ve devoted the final spring issue to profiles of outstanding graduating seniors. And while there were many more names submitted than we had space to include, the students we’re featuring pack a pretty big punch.

Take Dani Anguiano, for example. The soft-spoken learning center tutor was once headed toward a life of substance abuse and crime. Now, she’s preparing for journalism school at Northwestern University. She’ll participate in Commencement ceremonies in a few weeks with her father, who says his daughter inspired him to turn his life around and finish his degree.

Then there’s Vania Klee, a double major who dreams of being an asylums officer in Jordan. Though she battles a degenerative retinal disease which has stolen most of her sight, Klee’s leadership and involvement on campus—not to mention her academic prowess—distinguish her as someone with wisdom and strength beyond her years.  

And while he’s not featured in this edition, a student we profiled last year continues to inspire after graduation. Damario Sims, who set shooting and assists records at Chico State, was recently named the head boys basketball coach at his high school, McClymonds High in Oakland. Sims is driven by a unique desire to serve others: "God blessed me enough to play basketball in college, I feel like I owe my community to come back and coach the game that I know so much about,” he recently told the San Jose Mercury News.

(Many thanks to Public Affairs and Publications staff members Anna Harris, Kacey Gardner, Quinn Western, and Jason Halley for their help in shining a light on these incredible students.)

While these folks represent the type of student Chico State tends to attract—bright, tenacious, and involved—they’re also in many ways a testament to those who’ve guided them during their time here. The accessibility of faculty, staff, and administrators, while a theme of the CSU system, is palpable at Chico State. Not one of the students we interviewed failed to mention at least a few professors or program leaders who've made a difference to their Chico Experience. That’s no small thing considering the vast number of activities both on and off campus these students engage in.

In many ways, you are just as much a part of this class’s Commencement ceremonies as their family, friends, and mentors. Every conversation you had, each time you stayed late to invest in a student, has molded and shaped them into who they are today. They may not realize the impact you’ve had yet, but they will someday.

Congratulations to the class of 2014, and congratulations to you, their teachers, mentors, and friends. Your investment in these students has shaped our future for the better.

—Sarah Langford, Public Affairs and Publications