April 6, 2015Vol. 45, Issue 4

Honoring Staff Excellence

Rebecca Berner: 2013 Employee of the Year

Academic advisor Rebecca Berner was honored as 2013 Employee of the Year at the 2014 Staff Awards Luncheon.

Each spring, Staff Council honors one staff member for outstanding service to the campus community. Recipients of the Employee of the Year award are chosen based on personal contributions to the campus, their relationships with people, and University-wide service.

The recipient of the 2014 Employee of the Year award will be announced and honored at the Staff Awards Luncheon Thursday, April 16, during Founders Week.

Following is a look at the 2013 recipient, advisor Rebecca Berner.

2013 Employee of the Year

Between spending 15 years advising for the Academic Advising Programs, coordinating Summer Orientation, helping develop the Spring Transfer Student Orientation, Spring Wildcat Transfer-mation, and creating a Spanish-language orientation (all the while earning her doctorate in educational leadership from Sacramento State), Rebecca Berner has earned devotion, respect, and admiration from administration, faculty, staff, and students alike. 

Perhaps the letters of support that came in from current and former students who worked with Berner offered some of the most impactful insight into the professional that she is. One of her former students noted that “Rebecca’s empathy allowed her to recognize that I was struggling before I even communicated with her.” A student employee mentioned that she “consistently challenged me to take opportunities that would develop my professional skills.” These statements offer a powerful testimony to the impression that Berner seems to leave on everyone she meets.

In addition to her own daily job duties, Berner found the time to participate in the Professional Development Committee, Bell Memorial Union Committee, Early Start Implementation Team, First Year Experience Task Force, Public Safety Advisory Committee, Student Diversity Summit Mentor, Wildcat Welcome Committee, President’s Task Force on New Student Orientation—and those are only some of the extras. This is the mark of a true professional.

As the collective body of CSU, Chico, we are fortunate to have Berner among our ranks. 

For more stories of outstanding staff members, visit the Staff Council Facebook page to see photos submitted through the Staff Caught Being Awesome recognition program. 

—Compiled by Sarah Langford, Public Affairs and Publications



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