Oct. 24, 2016Vol. 47, Issue 2


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In the News

Chico State is one of the nine Cal State campuses to divide approximately $1 million USDA funds during the next academic year to help students who are eligible for Cal Fresh (formerly Food Stamps) sign up, receive, and use the benefits on campus. The Center for Healthy Communities (CHC) hopes to successfully enroll over 5,500 Chico State students who are trying to balance education, work, family member care, food insecurity, and/or housing insecurity.


Alan Bond, Construction Management, authored the article “The Elephant of Superintendent Succession” in the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) journal The Knowledge Source in September 2016.

Keiko Goto, Nutrition and Food Science and CHC, Maria Giovanni, Nutrition and Food Science and CHC, Cindy Wolff, Nutrition and Food Science and CHC, and Stephanie Bianco, Nutrition and Food Science and CHC, coauthored the article “Understanding Possible Roles of Locally-grown Ethnic Produce in Dietary Practices and Food Cultures: An Exploratory Study” in the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, Vol. 11, No. 1, published March 2016.

Kim Jaxon, English, coauthored the book Composing Science: A Facilitator's Guide to Writing in the Science Classroom, published with Teachers College Press on October 2016. This book emerged from a unique interdisciplinary collaboration with former Chico State faculty members, Leslie Atkins Elliott and Irene Salter, Science Education. Features include models for integrating writing into science courses and lesson plans; a focus on the science writing efforts, both in the development and dissemination of ideas; a concentration of the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core ELA Standards; and samples of student work, classroom transcripts, and visual elements of science writing.

Stacy Schaefer, Anthropology, Emerita, authored two books published through the University of New Mexico Press in 2015. Huichol Women Weavers and Shamans is the second edition of her book formerly titled To Think With a Good Heart: Wixárika Women, Weavers and Shamans. In 2016, her book Amada’s Blessings from the Peyote Gardens of South Texas, won three literary awards: the Peter C. Rollins Book Award from The Southwest Popular/American Culture Association; the Jim Parish Award for Documentation and Publication of Local and Regional History from the Webb County Heritage Foundation in Laredo, Texas; and was a WILLA Literary Award Finalist for Scholarly Nonfiction from the professional writers’ organization Women Writing the West.

Kui-Hee Song, School of Social Work, authored the book Multicultural and International Approaches in Social Work Practice: An Intercultural Perspective and was published through Hamilton Books in 2016. Building upon the Song’s integrative and interactive ideas about human services fields, this book presents an intercultural perspective of social work education, practice, and research with culturally-linguistically-relationally underprivileged minority groups in the local and global communities, to show how the synthesis of theories from postmodern social constructionism, multiculturalism, and international organization empowerment can be applied when working with Asian immigrant families. This book also demonstrates how a mutual development model of intercultural organizational-institutional collaborative partnership can be relevant when providing an International Experience for Human Services Abroad Course.

Awards and Activities

Stephanie Bianco, Nutrition and Food Science and CHC; along with staff members Kathleen Moroney, Student Affairs, Dan Herbert, Student Affairs, Jenny Breed, CHC, Amie Riesen, CHC, and Joe Picard, Regional and Continuing Education (RCE); and students Michael Pratt, Associated Students; Alica Bedore, CHC; Heidi Crouch, CHC and graduate student; and Taylor Herren, graduate student, represented Chico State at the first annual CSU Conference to Best Meet the Needs of Housing Displaced and Food Insecure Students on June 20–21, 2016 at the CSU, Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach, California.

Stephanie Bianco, Nutrition and Food Science and CHC, Jenny Breed, CHC, and Amie Riesen, CHC, presented the workshop, Center for Healthy Communities CalFresh Outreach, highlighting the recently secured California Department of Social Services two-year $1,640,968 grant to expand the CalFresh Outreach to nine other CSU campuses. Participating grant partners also met and coordinated early efforts at the conference.

The Center for Healthy Communities (CHC) received a grant of $1,640,968 from the California Department of Public Health and California Department of Social Services for CalFresh Outreach to implement services for ten CSU campuses. CHC, along with the Chancellor’s Office, will be leading an effort among CSU campuses during the next two academic years to help students eligible for CalFresh to sign up, receive, and use the benefits on campus. Helping students enroll in CalFresh will increase their income to cover their basic needs. Less work outside of the classroom and less stress will improve their chances for academic success as well as university graduation rates. CHC anticipates that at least 9,000 students will be enrolled in CalFresh each year and that these numbers could easily double as stigma decreases and awareness increases. CSU administrators don’t have a precise count of how many of their students are eligible for the CalFresh benefit, but have stated that it parallels the percentage of students eligible for financial aid, which at some campuses is half of students. CHC will work with the other nine campuses to identify best practices and barriers (e.g. student exemptions, verification documentation) and communicate these findings to the Chancellor’s Office and Department of Social Services to ensure CalFresh enrollment for all eligible high need students. The CHC will work with the Chancellor’s Office to include all 23 campuses in the CalFresh Outreach contract by 2018.

Susan Green, Multicultural and Gender Studies and History, was on the review panel for the National Education Association (NEA) journal Thought and Action, Vol. 32, No. 1,  in summer 2016. The peer-reviewed journal provides practical and theoretical information on higher education issues. In this volume, articles on assessment, anonymity, adjunct faculty, conservative Christianity in the classroom, etc. are included.

The following academic posters were presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior in San Diego, California on July 31–Aug 2, 2016: 1) Factors Associated with Cue-Elicited Food Craving Among Elementary School Children by Gauri Karnik, graduate student; Keiko Goto, Nutrition and Food Science and CHC; Ben Seipel, School of Education; Shannon Pierson, graduate student; Joan Giampaoli, Nutrition and Food Science, CHC; and Kevin Buffardi, Computer Science; 2) Cultural Influences on Mindful Eating Among Parents of Elementary School Children by Rocio Mendez, graduate student; Keiko Goto, Nutrition and Food Science and CHC; Joan Giampaoli, Nutrition and Food Science and CHC; Chunyan Song, Sociology; Gauri Karnik, and graduate student; Alyson Wylie, CHC; 3) Development of a Mindful Eating Intervention among Elementary School Children and Their Parents by Keiko Goto, Nutrition and Food Science and CHC; Cindy Wolff, Nutrition and Food Science and CHC; Joan Giampaoli, Nutrition and Food Science, CHC; Ben Seipel, School of Education; Shannon Pierson, graduate student; and Alyson Wylie, CHC; 4) Factors Associated with Emotional Eating and Mindless Eating among Third-To-Fifth Grade Students by Shannon Pierson, graduate student; Keiko Goto, Nutrition and Food Science and CHC; Joan Giampaoli, Nutrition and Food Science and CHC; Alyson Wylie, CHC; Ben Seipel, School of Education; and Gauri Karnik, graduate student; 5) Actors Associated with Mindful Food Parenting Practices by Sheng Yang, undergraduate student; Rocio Mendez, graduate student; Keiko Goto, Nutrition and Food Science and CHC; Alyson Wylie, CHC; and Ben Seipel, School of Education.

Karin Lightfoot, School of Nursing, graduated with her doctorate in public health from Walden University in May 2016.

Paul Lopez, Sociology, endorsed the book The Invisible Workers of the U.S.-Mexico Bracero Program: Obreros Olvidados by Ronald L. Mize, published in August 2016.

Joel Minden, Psychology, earned the designation of Certified Consultant of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (CC-AASP) in March 2016. The Association for Applied Sport Psychology is an international professional organization that promotes the development of science and ethical practice in the field of sports psychology. He is the director of the Center for Clinical and Applied Sport Psychology, where he works as a clinical and sport psychologist. He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a lecturer at Chico State in the psychology and kinesiology departments.

Kathleen Moroney, CHC, Jenny Breed, CHC, and Joe Picard, RCE, presented the Chico State Food Security Project, highlighting the University’s collaborative development efforts: the Hungry Wildcat Food Pantry, the Organic Vegetable Project’s Veggie Buck Program, and CalFresh Outreach.

Rick Narad, Health and Community Services, received the ACHE Distinguished Service Award from the American College of Healthcare Executives and California Association of Healthcare Leaders.

Char Prieto, International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, presented the paper “Places of Memory and Identity. Spain, Pierre Nora and Les Lieux de Mémoire” in Segovia, Spain at the International Congress of Spanish Professionals in America, July 2015.

Natalya Shkoda, Music and Theatre, released a new solo CD featuring the world premiere recordings of Viktor Stepanovych Kosenko (1896–1938) “Eleven Etudes,” Op. 8, and “Twenty-Four Children’s Pieces,” Op. 25. It was positively reviewed in both the American Record Guide’s May–June issue and Fanfare Magazine’s July–August issue. Additionally, Shkoda’s piano student, Jack Belton, won the 2016 Viktor Kosenko Award in the statewide Earl R. and Marilyn Ann Kruschke Prize in Piano Performance Competition.

Compiled by Amanda Rhine, editorial assistant in the Department of Public Affairs and Publications.

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