September 11, 2017Vol. 48, Issue 1

The poster for the 1st Generation and Proud campaign from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Face-to-Face with First-Gen

With more than 50 percent of our students will be the first generation in their family to complete a four-year degree, this fall the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is launching an awareness campaign to support the first-generation community here at Chico State. Here, three participants share their stories about what it means to be first-gen, showing their diversity, solidarity, and support of students who are striving toward the same goal.

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CADEC displayed light-hearted but temporary signage was displayed all over campus after the smoke- and tobacco-free announcement was made.

No Butts About It

You will no longer smell cigarette smoke or flavored vapor filling the air at Chico State because the campus went entirely smoke and tobacco free August 17. Among many other things, this means no smoke polluting the air, no chew spit on the ground, and no vapor from e-cigarettes or hookahs, as well as the opportunity to make healthier choices.

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From the President’s Desk

During her convocation on August 17, President Hutchinson talked about unmet basic student needs and what Chico State is doing to help.

'It Starts With Awareness'

President Hutchingson believes that helping all students secure basic needs should be one of Chico State's first priorities.

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Spirit of Giving

The  Chico Cares campaign, over 1,625 students donated more than $7,400 and$5,000 .

Chico Steps Up to Show Students We Care

In 2017, a gift from the Chico Chapter of the California Faculty Association established an endowment and annual fund to support the Chico State Basic Needs Project.

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Campus Faces

Gayle E. Hutchinson celebrates with the crowd after she's officially named Chico State's 12th president on March 3.

Roll Call: Welcome, New Faculty!

The school year has started not only for students, but also for 33 new faculty members, who are eager to motivate Wildcats to hit the books.

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Staff Awards Recognize Exemplary Employees: Moroney, McCall, and Langston

Staff Awards Recognize Exemplary Employees

Kathleen Moroney was one of three outstanding employees honored this year, in addition to Brooke McCall and Bev Langston. 

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Cover art of the book Spectators: Flash Fictions, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.


Rob Davidson, English, had his third book, Spectators: Flash Fictions, published in June and it was nominated by the press, Five Oaks, for the Pulitzer Prize in fiction. Read more.

Miguel Maldonado is one of 800,000 Dreamers affected by the revocation of DACA.

Here to Thrive: A Chico State Dreamer Shares His Story

Despite the planned revocation of DACA, Dreamer and Chico State student Miguel Maldonado says he is not afraid and is here to stay. Read more.