Dec. 8, 2014Vol. 45, Issue 3


Enjoyed your profile of Lorraine Dechter! She's an inspiration to many and that's one of the highest praises anyone can be known for. Lorraine brings professionalism and a passion for radio: her medium, which has always been an 'extralarge' in my book! 

Greg Cavanaugh


Love the online version of Inside Chico State! It is wonderful keeping updated on the

University after retirement, and I always look forward to reading news about my Alma Mater and the people who are making a difference. Thanks to the team who puts together this awesome on-line publication!

Sharon Salcido


Love the well written articles! Awesome work, beautiful layout with photos; the Statements are an overall great reading experience. You embody what Chico is all about!

Chris Trudell

The new site is very sharp and visual appealing, and I greatly appreciate the ease of navigation. Most of all, however, I appreciate the excellent quality of the content. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for helping highlight the achievements of our campus.

Jessica Young

Chico is a fantastic city. I spent fantastic days there with great people. I won't forget it forever. All people are kinds. All places are calm. I dream to come back again to Chico. Best wishes my calm and beautiful city.

—Abdulla Mohamed

Can we see the rephotographs of Chico? I worked in Special Collections with many Chico historical photographs for 30 years. I would love to see them online. Byron Wolfe has made a great contribution to the field worldwide (and online).

—Bill Jones

I wanted to thank you for the article about the 'Philosophy of Big Lebowski'. I am a Dudest priest, [a follower of the Dude] and really beielve that the Dude has a way of life that I can abide by. It's not for everyone, of course, but it fits right in there with my ethos.

—Little Lebowski

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Art history professor Rachel Middleman has been selected for a Smithsonian art fellowship in Washington, D.C. Read more.

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Class of 3 Million

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