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Forms & Resources For Newly Admitted Students


Arrival Form

The Office of International Education offers free pick-up service the week prior to New International Student Orientation.  If you would like us to pick you up from the Chico airport, bus, or train terminal, please submit this form by the deadline (listed on the form).  Temporary housing is also available for students (fall semester only - not available for spring semester) who have not yet made housing arrangements or who are not able to move-in to University housing prior to orientation.  Please see the Arrival Form for detailed information.

Address Change Form

If you need to report an address change (U.S. address only), please complete and submit this form to the Office of International Education at

Course Preference Form (Undergraduates Only)


Fall = mid June

Spring = mid November

To help you find the appropriate courses for which you should register, refer to your Major Academic Plan (MAP).  Then, refer to the schedule of classes to select which class sections you desire.  Additionally, you can refer to the University Catalog to find course descriptions and other important information about your program and the University in general.

Submit your completed Course Preference Forms to

Course Substitution Approval Form

If you have any transfer course work that you would like to seek credits for, submit your Course Substitution Approval Form with an official transcript and course description(s) to an International Admission Evaluator. (See the instruction on the page 2 of this form)

F-1 Transfer Eligibility Form

If you are currently in the U.S. on an F-1 visa and decide to attend CSU, Chico, take this form to the appropriate person at the school you are leaving to begin your transfer to CSU, Chico. We can issue you a CSU, Chico I-20 once you have been transferred to CSU, Chico through the SEVIS system by your current school. We cannot issue the new I-20 until the release date specified in SEVIS. Generally, that is the last day of your last term at that school.

International Student Health Certificate

All students are required to have proof of: 1) vaccination against mumps, measles, rubella (MMR) and 2) a Tuberculin blood test that shows you are negative for Tuberculosis. Please complete and submit this form to the Student Health Services.


Express mail service (E-Ship Global)

1)  Create E-Ship Global account

2)  Select either FedEx or DHL

3)  Enter shipment information

4)  Make payment - credit card or wire transfer

5)  E-Ship Global will notify the Office of International Education that you have requested express mail service, however, we recommend that you contact your Admission Evaluator to be certain she is aware of your request

6)  E-Ship Global and/or your Admission Evaluator will notify you when your package has been shipped

7)  If you experience any difficulty in registering and processing the shipment, please use the “Help” link in the site for step-by-step instructions. If you have additional questions about how to use this service, please e-mail

6)  You can track the delivery of your package on-line through E-Ship Global.