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Universal Networks in Travel and Education

UNITE students

Our mission is to provide the campus community with deeper insight into how varied and interconnected the world is by organizing education events that celebrate the cultural backgrounds of CSU, Chico's international students and the study abroad experiences of U.S. students. Through our events, we strive to foster mutual understanding and develop friendships between international and American students at CSU, Chico while exploring what it means to belong to one culture while immersing oneself in another.

We work closely with the Study Abroad office on campus and many of our members are American students who have recently studied abroad.the club is geared towards gathering Americans and International students who are currently studying at Chico State. If you love all things international and want to meet new people from around the world who share your interests, this club is for you!!!

If you are interested in joining or getting more involved please contact club officers at or visit our Facebook page at

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