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International Neighbors - Welcoming & Supporting International Students For Over 20 Years

International Neighbors is a student group that is committed to building an international community at Chico State. They welcome all students, international and American, as well as community members to be part of this diverse group. They promote cultural awareness and appreciation for people from every part of the world.

International Neighbors meets every Monday evening at 7 p.m. in the Student Services Building, Room 150 (fall and spring semesters only). They play fun games that help build vocabulary and/or teamwork skills or allow students to share about themselves and their cultures, there is always food, and everyone always has a great time. International Neighbors also takes students a a few short trips each semester!

This group is sponsored and supported by ICVF/USA.  Alcohol is prohibited at all International Neighbors events.

See what the International Neighbors student group is up to by visiting their Facebook page at!/groups/47170347634/members/.