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Tuition and Fees

To qualify for admission, students must show proof of financial solvency based on the University’s estimate of one academic year’s expenses.  

Estimated Expenses For One Academic Year:

BACHELOR’S DEGREE - Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Registration Fees

($3,513 X 2)

($4,146 X 2)

Non-Resident Tuition

(12 Units X 2)

(9 units X 2)

Books & Supplies



Living Expenses







  • There are additional fees for summer courses.
  • There is an additional charge of $254 per unit for MBA courses. 
  • Students must also bring or purchase health and accident insurance each semester.

As you can see from the chart above, international students pay registration fees (which all students pay) and non-resident tuition at an additional $372 for each unit taken during the semester. For more information about fees, go to Registration & Non-Resident Fees.