Possible Timeline

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  • Will be the first IRA meeting, a get acquainted meeting, for the new IRA Board to learn what the IRA is and what their commitment and function will be.


  • The call for the remaining Work Study will go out to the Deans and AAS’s, with an October 31 deadline.  (Typically a call will go out for Work Study in the spring semester for requests for funding for the next fiscal year’s fall semester.  A second call for Work Study goes out in the fall for funding for the remainder of the academic year.)
  • The call for Exemplary Performance Round I will go out with an October 31 deadline.


  • The IRA Board will meet to discuss the Work Study requests and the Exemplary Performance Round I requests.  The advisor submitting the requests for their program should arrange to be there or have someone attend for them. Voting for both types of funding will take place at a subsequent meeting.


  • IRA Program Review packets will be sent out to 1/3 of the programs, with a February 15 deadline.  This happens on a rotating basis so that each college/department will be reviewed once every 3 years.


  • The call will go out for Exemplary Performance Round II funding, with a February 28 deadline.


  • The IRA Board will meet to discuss the Exemplary Performance Round II requests, and will vote on them at a subsequent meeting.
  • IRA Program Review meetings will take place. The Dean or their representative should be present.


  • The call for Exemplary Performance Round III requests (final round) will go out, as well as the call for Work Study requests for the following fall semester, both due April 30.
  • The Board will meet with the Dean or his/her representative(s) for the Budget Review.


  • The IRA Board will begin Baseline allocation discussions this month, and vote on them prior to the end of the semester.

All IRA meetings are open to anyone that would like to attend.  If one of your advisors is requesting something from the IRA Board, they should plan on attending.  Students are also welcome to attend.  These funds come from their fees and it’s important they understand how the funds are being spent.

The IRA Board will entertain requests anytime during the year for special “one-time funding” and for new programs that would like to be certified.