How to Access Your IRA Funds

All Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Funds are voted on by the IRA Board and sent as a recommendation for approval to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. If the recommendation is approved, it is signed by the Provost and returned to the IRA Staff for transfer of funds. Base allocations are typically made to the college-level chartfield for dispersal by the Dean or Director. One-time allocations, if available, are typically made at the activity/program level. Funds are in Trust Account T6300 and may be accessed prior to transfer as long as all approvals have been received.

Please work with your departmental clerical staff to access IRA funds.

Activities/programs funded by the IRA Board can access the funds through the use of a Purchase Service Requisition Form available on the Procurement and Contract Services website. If a student or faculty member needs to be reimubrsed, the vendor portion should be filled in with the name, address, and phone number of the person being reimbursed, or list Foundation if funds were expended originally from that source. Individuals are limited to $500 per request and should attach an invoice, with itemized expenses, to the Purchase Service Requisition Form. If you are requesting reimbursement to the Foundation you will also need to attach an itemized invoice from the Foundation. In all cases, original receipts and back up should be attached. In the description area list the event name, date and place as well as the college/department name or a description of the services or items on the invoice.

If travel is involved, a Travel Claim form should be used and sent to Travel Accounting at campus zip 140. Again, all original receipts and back up must be attached. Travel Claim Forms are available on the Accounts Payable website.

All forms should be signed and have invoices, original receipts, and back up attached and sent to Procurement at campus zip 244.

Questions about IRA funding and expenses may be directed to your departmental clerical staff.