Information Resources plans and provides resources, training, and support for campus information and technology services.  Information Resources covers the Meriam Library; student, staff, and faculty technology support and instruction in using information and technology; student Web space, campus e-mail, and portal access; media services, and online course services. 

Applications and Data Services (ADS)

Applications and Data Services (ADS) shares the responsibilities under Enterprise Applications and Data Services with coordinating and helping the campus regarding technology, resources, and services to support learning, research, and the business operations of the university.  Applications and Data Services will help with any application development, vendor 3rd party maintenance and integrations between applications, as well as data reporting needs across the campus.

More Information: Applications and Data Services is located in Meriam Library suite 319. E-Mail or contact ITSS at (530) 898-4357 and they will gladly create a request for service on your behalf.

Our web site is located at
Organizational Chart: Applications and Data Services

Computing and Communications Services (CCSV)

Computing and Communications Services (CCSV) is responsible for the design, installation, and maintenance of the campus cabling infrastructure; the data network (switches and routers); the voice network including the Private Branch Exchange (PBX), telephone sets and voice mail services; and the design and maintenance of the server, database and data storage environment for campus-wide systems. In addition, CCSV is responsible for the University's remote service in Northern California to provide network services, remote access, and telephone services.

More Information: Call (530) 898-4616 or visit the CCSV Web site.
Organizational Chart: Computing and Communications Services

Creative Media and Technology (CMT)

Creative Media and Technology provides a wide range of professional services for Web, Graphic Design, Print, Video, and Learning Space technology. In addition, CMT also offers students, faculty, and staff walk-up copy and print service in the Library 2nd floor Copy Center.

More Information: Creative Media and Technology is located in the basement of the library. Call (530) 898-6112 or visit the CMT Web site
Organizational Chart: Creative Media and Technology

Enterprise Applications and Data Services (EADS)

Enterprise Applications and Data Services is responsible for enterprise-wide applications that support core university business processes. These include identity management services, centralized directory services, the campus portal, the Common Management System (ERP system), the learning management system (Blackboard Learn) and other Web applications.

More Information: Call (530) 898-6212 or visit the EAPP Web site.
Organizational Chart: Enterprise Applications and Data Services

Information Security (ISEC)

The Information Security Office works with the campus community to secure system and network resources, and protect the confidentiality of student, faculty, and staff information. To support this mission, the ISEC office develops processes, procedures, and policies, identifies and mitigates risks to the campus, and responds to information security events.

More Information: Call (530) 898-6212 or visit the Information Security Web site

IT Client Services (ITCS)

IT Client Services provides computing support to students, faculty and staff as well as business analysis and portfolio/project management for IT Projects.  ITCS is comprised of the following departments: IT Support Services and the IT Project and Quality Management Office.

More Information: Call (530) 898-6212
Organizational Charts: IT Client Services

Meriam Library (MLIB)

The Meriam Library provides books, journals, maps, images, and videos, many of them available electronically from on or off campus. The main library is open 103 hours and offers computer labs, collaborative group study spaces, and spaces for individual quiet study as well as a number of print collections including the Northeastern California Collection.  For late night studiers, the first floor computer lab and the Grove study area are open extended hours.  The Wildcat ID card serves as a library card and payment card for printing and copying.

More Information: Call (530) 898-6501 or visit the Library Web site.
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