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Staff Spotlight

Kathleen Huber

ASC, Customer Service & Bulk Mailing Coordinator

University Printing Services

Kathleen has been working in University Printing Services for the past five years. Her favorite part of campus outside of the office is a secret sitting spot by the creek and taking walks soaking in the beauty of campus. Her favorite places to eat in Chico are, Aonami Sustainable Sushi downtown – where she orders the I-70 vegan roll with almond butter and tempura asparagus; at Mekkala Thai's  she says the Pineapple Prawn Curry is hard to beat. Lastly, Kathleen also enjoys the Crispy Brussel Sprouts at B-Street patio.

Tell us about yourself!

I have been married to my husband and best friend, Scott, for 24 years and have 3 amazing kids...Kaley-29, Liam-21 and Alita-19. We're not quite empty-nesters, but now enjoy being able to venture out as a couple again! I am very lucky to have both my parents living in Chico...at ages 87 and 92 they are still managing to live independently with some assistance and we get to see them frequently. I also have 3 siblings living close by with 9 nieces and nephews so our family is pretty close and active together. After having a barnful of critters in the past when we lived in Butte Creek Canyon, Little Chico Creek Canyon or Forest Ranch, we are down to one pet, our darling border collie, Tilly, who brightens every day with her puppy-like energy and adorable "smile."

I love to travel, hike, camp, garden, or do anything outside! We are a birding family, which means anywhere you go you look up the local bird list and try to identify anything you see, whether it's Fort Bragg or the Yucatan! Or you seek out high-traffic migration areas and go crowd around with lots of other people trying to get a look. My son got us started when he was 5, and we've never turned back. The Northern Saw-whet Owl banding project up at BCCER is one our family has participated in periodically since the kids were little. If I had more time? More personal indulgences like photography, painting and yoga...and being more attentive to my garden.

Make sure to say hello to Kathleen when you see her around campus!

Photograph of Richard Wilkerson