Academic Technology Advisory Group (ATAG)


The Academic Technology Advisory Group is a sub-group of the University Technology Advisory Committee (UTAC) charged with advising UTAC and the Deans on strategic directions and effective use of academic technology.  The committee will also provide advice on policies and processes which would make the use of academic technology more effective. Memberships of UTAC faculty on ATAG will coincide with their UTAC membership and all appointments will sunset with the group in Fall 2011.

Meeting Minutes

Committee Members

Mike Ward, Co-chair, Dean of College of Eng, Computer Sci, and Constr Mgmt
Mike Schilling, Co-Chair, Vice Provost for Information Resources
Joe Alexander, UTAC Faculty
Lorraine Gardiner, UTAC Faculty
Cris Guenter, UTAC Faculty
Ben Juliano, UTAC Faculty
Ben Levitt, UTAC Faculty
Paul Melcon, UTAC Faculty
Brian Oppy, UTAC Faculty
Seema Sehrawat, UTAC Faculty
Mike Spiess, UTAC Faculty
Margaret Owens, UTAC Dean
Cindy Bumgarner, Faculty Representative
Rob Warner, Faculty Representative
Kathy Fernandes, Director of Academic Technologies
Brooke Banks, Director of Computing Technology and Support
Sarah Blakeslee, University Librarian