Administrative Technology Council (ATC)

*Inactive Historical Committee*


Executive Memorandum 06-84, Policy on Information Technology Governance

The Administrative Technology Council (ATC) is designed to provide cross divisional strategic and tactical planning to effectively leverage the campus technical resources. The ATC will meet on a regular basis to discuss how to best organize our application development efforts and supporting technology. The goal is to reduce duplication of effort where possible (e.g. server management, web form/workflow development, desktop management, reporting tools, etc.), use staff resources strategically, employ common tool sets to reduce training and support requirements, and bring the wealth of technical knowledge that exists across campus to the table when planning projects.

Meeting Minutes

Committee Members

Sponsor:    Bill Post
Co-chairs:  Jerry Ringel, Phyllis Weddington
AA:            Tom Rosenow
SA:            Vacant
B&F:           Beth Kissinger
UA:            Vacant
ITSS:         Andrea Mox
EADS:         Andy Miller
ESYS:         Ray Quinto
ISEC:          Brooke Banks

ATC Subcommittees

Desktop Management Subcommittee
Chair:        Andrea Mox
CTAS:        Jerry Ringel
AA:            Tom Rosenow
SA:            Vacant
EADS:         Beth Kissinger
ESYS:         Ray Quinto
ESYS:         Steve Krok
ENR:           Chris Witthans
RESP:         LeRita Ringel
FD:             Marsail Ford
BSYS:         Doug Wilson

Data Center Hosted Services Subcommittee
Chair:        Ray Quinto
AA:            Tom Rosenow
ISEC:         Ed Hudson
EADS:         Beth Kissinger
SA:            Vacant

Reporting Tools Subcommittee
Chair:        Andy Miller
AA:           Tom Rosenow
B&F:          Jim Nelson
UA:           Vacant
EADS:        Beth Kissinger
ENR:          Bruce Rowen
IR:            Bill Allen