Beyond 2000: Building the Electronic Learning Community

*Inactive Historical Committee*


The vision of Beyond 2000 is a technological environment that makes significant contributions to excellence in teaching and learning by 2005. Faculty, staff, and students will spend less time on "instructional overhead" activities (e.g., clerical class management tasks) and increased time on direct learning activities that lead to more productive learning outcomes. Opportunities for diverse learning experiences will grow significantly throughout the curriculum. Learning in an online environment will be available anywhere, anytime. Multiple learning styles will be supported allowing more responsive solutions for all types of learners. Online learning will create enriched learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.

Technology will enable the campus to transcend some of the constraints imposed by our physical facilities, and the distance education experience will mirror that of on-campus students. Our administrative and learning management systems will support an educational environment that prepares students with critical thinking, technology and lifelong learning skills for their careers and lives after graduation. This vision of high quality learning environments both inside and outside of the classroom will be enabled by a completely rebuilt network environment that reaches beyond the classroom to the wireless devices and emerging technologies that will be a part of everyday student life.

For more information, please view the Beyond 2000 plan (Word)

Meeting Minutes

Committee Members


Bill Post, Information Resources, chair
Andi Beach, Human Resources
Chris Porter, Associated Students/President Appointee
Bev Thornton, Information Resources
Bob Hannigan, Enrollment Management
Brian Oppy, Academic Senate
Brooke Banks, Information Security
Carolyn Dusenbury, Library Administration
Charlie Crabb, Dean Representative
Cindy Jorth, Vice Provost for Information Resources Faculty Appointee
Dan Toy, College of Business Appointee
Debbie McElroberts, Application Development & Enterprise Design
Debra Barger, Regional and Continuing Education
Don Graham, Student Affairs/Counseling Center
Frederica Shockley, College of Behavioral & Social Sciences Appointee
Bill Jones, Financial Services
Jerry Ringel, User Support Services
Joe Alexander, College of Humanities & Fine Arts Appointee
John Roussell, College of Communication & Education Appointee
Kathy Fernandes, Academic Technologies
Len Fisk, College of Engineering, Computer Science & Technology Appointee
Linda Post, Common Management System
Mike Spiess, College of Agriculture Appointee
Jeff Bell, College of Natural Sciences Appointee

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