Enterprise Systems Committee

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February 13, 1997

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President
Subject: Executive Memorandum 97-01, Establishment of the Enterprise Systems Committee  

The Target 2000 Technology Team was established in fall 1995 as a continuation of the Technology Sub-Group of the 1994 President's task Force on the Future. This team is a campuswide group of faculty, staff, and students charged with overall planning and implementation of technology in support of the Strategic Plan.

As a next step in the process of refining our technology path, we will develop a complementary structure to deal specifically with "enterprise-wide" computing issues. "Enterprise" is the current term in use which applies to computing systems, e-mail, human resources, student systems, and financial systems that are traditionally mainframe-based and typically have large cost and service implications.

In collaboration with the Target 2000 Technology Team, the Enterprise Systems Committee will provide advice and consultation to Information Resources and Cabinet on enterprise-wide computing issues. The existing Information System Administrative Committee (ISAC) established by EM 83-17 is abolished. Similar to the Target 2000 Team, the Enterprise Systems Committee will report to the Vice Provost for Information Resources, who will serve as its chair.


The Enterprise Systems Committee will consist of the following individuals or their representatives:

  • Vice President for Business and Finance
  • Vice President for University Advancement and Student Affairs
  • Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
  • Vice Provost, Operations
  • A College Dean nominated by the Provost
  • Academic Senate Chair or designee
  • Director of Sponsored Projects
  • Vice Provost for Information Resources

Specific membership and terms would be determined by Cabinet.

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Meeting Minutes

Committee Members

Bill Post -- Vice Provost for Information Resources/ CIO Chair
Dennis Graham -- Vice President for Business and Finance
Ed Masterson -- Associate Vice President for University Advancement
Arno Rethans -- Vice Provost for Planning and Resource Allocation
Brenda Aden -- Vice Provost for Human Resources
Bob Hannigan -- Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
A. Charles Crabb -- Dean, College of Agriculture
Jeff Wright -- Director, Sponsored Programs (Academic Affairs)
Leonard Fisk -- Professor, Computer Science (Academic Affairs)
Don Graham -- Director, Psychological Counseling, Wellness, and Testing
TBD -- AS Student Representative Staff attendees as topics require

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