Health and Safety Committee

*Inactive Historical Committee*


A health and safety committee has been formed in Information Resources to address state and federal compliance regulations. The task force, meeting monthly, will work to:

  • Develop and post written health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Complete and document safety inspections for each area twice a year.
  • Schedule and document specific safety training for all employees. This training becomes part of the annual review.
  • Schedule and document safety training for all student workers.

Committee Members

Health and safety task force coordinators are:
  • Academic Resources/Library Services (MLIB 1st-4th floor) - John Wilson, x5267, MLIB-110, Zip 295
  • Communications Services - Joyce Kirkland, x6102, SSKU-109, Zip 415
  • Computing Services - Liz Krenek, x5338, BUTE-417, Zip 405
  • Instructional Media Center/TLP (MLIB Basement) - Phyllis Berryman, x6115, MLIB-001E, Zip 005
  • Information Resources Administration - Susan Greco, x6214, MLIB-338, Zip 290
  • Health and Safety chair - Linda Post, x4616, MLIB-335, Zip 290
  • Director of Administrative Services and Business Development - Beverly Taylor, x6212, MLIB 338, Zip 290
Safety Coordinator description of responsibilities

(August 1999)

Information Resources believes that the oversight and ultimate responsibility for the safety program is a management responsibility.

  • Each IR Director is ultimately responsible for his/her unit.
  • Each IR Director will appoint a Safety Coordinator for the unit.
  • The Safety Coordinator will report to the IR Director who appointed him/her.

The IR Directors are responsible for the development of safety policy and for providing the resources to ensure a safe work environment for each employee.

The Safety Coordinators will work together, under the direction of the Director of Administrative Services, as the IR Health & Safety Task Force in the development, delivery, and audit of safety policies, procedures and programs.

The Safety Coordinator of each area/unit is responsible for:

  • the implementation of policies,
  • development of procedures,
  • coordination between units where possible,
  • facilitation of employee training,
  • audits and inspections
  • reporting, documentation and record keeping for the Health and Safety Program.




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