CPT Application and Extension Processes


Step One:

Consult with your Chair, faculty, or Graduate Coordinator about the appropriateness of CPT and to determine what course(s) will be used for curricular practical training.

Step Two:

Find an appropriate position and secure a description of your responsibilities with the organization. The Internship Center at 310 Salem Street may be able to assist in this process.

Step Three:

Submit your job offer to your Department and request to be enrolled in the appropriate (internship, independent study, or Special Session) course identified for CPT. Your department may also choose to enroll you in Special Session, through the  Continuing Education Office. Request a CPT recommendation to be sent by your Department to International Student Advising.

Step Four:

Full-time CPT undergraduates must apply for Planned Education Leave (PEL) if not regularly enrolled. Graduates not regularly registered must enroll as Adjunct. This is applicable to fall and spring terms.

Step Five:

After reading the information on the back of the form, complete the enclosed application form. Submit to the International Students Advisor:

  • A copy of the job offer letter
  • CPT recommendation form from the department
  • The completed application form
  • Proof of current health insurance that meets CSU requirements for international students
Step Six:

If all materials are accepted, the International Student Advisors will grant CPT authorization for the semester in which you have enrolled in internship, independent study, or special session course. You may only work in the position specified in the application. If authorized for Part-Time CPT, you may work no more than 20 hours per week.

CPT Extension Process

To extend CPT authorization for a further semester (or the summer), students must enroll in internship, independent study, or special session units for the new semester. Students should request that their faculty advisor, Department Chair, or Graduate Coordinator notify the International Student Advisor of their recommendation that CPT be extended.