Manage Your Account

To manage your digest: Click the manage my account link in your digest.

manage account

The manage my account link opens a web page that allows you to make several changes to your digest.

manage account web

Click lists to view and make changes to your personal safe senders and blocked senders lists.


Use the new, edit, and delete buttons on the top of the page to add, change, or delete entries to your lists. Add and delete e-mail addresses from your personal safe senders and blocked senders lists.

safe senders

blocked senders

Click on profile at the bottom of the left sidebar to bring up your account settings.

Profile Button

Here you can choose whether or not you want to receive a digest even when you do not have messages in the quarantine. Select the check boxes on the right side.


Click account in the left side to view your e-mail aliases, if you have any. You cannot make changes to this list.

List of Account Aliases

Click the save button or link to save your changes.