Proofpoint SPAM Filtering

Effective July 21, 2015, Exchange email is being filtered by Microsoft.  The Proofpoint information below is for reference only:

CSU, Chico filters Exchange e-mail for spam and viruses. The process quarantines suspected junk e-mail on a separate server, before it ever gets to your inbox. You instead receive a "junk e-mail/spam digest" once a day at 3 p.m. This digest contains a list of all the suspected junk e-mail you have received for the day, and if a legitimate message appears in the list, you can choose to release it from quarantine to your inbox by simply clicking on it.

More Information

  • FAQ—Answers to common questions about the junk e-mail filter and spam digests
  • Manage My Account—Manage your digest and junk e-mail filtering
  • Digest Filter—Set up a rule that moves your daily digest message to a folder in your mailbox
  • Outlook Safe Senders—Stop digests from being moved to your junk e-mail folder.