General Information

California State University, Chico considers e-mail to be the essential method for communicating official university business with students. Each student is provided with a campus WildcatMail account. We strongly urge you to review the contents of your WildcatMail account on a frequent and regular basis. Official notifications from the University related to enrollment, academic status, fees, holds, and financial aid will be sent only to your WildcatMail account. If you do not want to examine your WildcatMail account on a regular basis, you can adjust that account to forward messages to another e-mail address which you do check frequently.

Students are encouraged to read Executive Memorandum 05-02, Student E-Mail: Interim Policy for Official Communication With Students via Electronic Mail for more detailed information on the University's policy regarding student e-mail.

WildcatMail is CSU Chico's electronic mail system for students. It supports the WildcatMail web interface, which provides a quick and simple way to access your e-mail. The graphical interface is easy to learn and works well for sending and receiving attachments.

If you are new to using e-mail or need to set up your WildcatMail account for the first time, we suggest you begin by reading Getting Started with WildcatMail. If you are already using WildcatMail, but have a specific question, the Frequently Asked Questions is a good place to look.

Account Policy

WildcatMail accounts (including e-mail, Unix shell access, and web pages) are only provided to students during the time period they are enrolled at CSU, Chico. A one semester grace period is offered in case students take an internship or a short break from school.

All students are responsible for using campus computer resources in accordance with the campus Acceptable Use Policy. By using campus resources you agree to abide by these policies.