Check for Required Plug-ins

After installing plug-ins, you can test if they are working correctly using the links below. If any of your plug-ins don't work then you should make sure they were installed correctly by using the manufacturer's website help pages. To access the website of a particular company, click on the appropriate icon below.

Adobe Logo Test Adobe Acrobat Reader

Firefox LogoWindows Media Player

Test Windows Media Player in Firefox
IE logoWindows Media Player Test Windows Media Player in Internet Explorer
Quicktime Logo Test Apple Quicktime Player
DIVX Icon DivX Plugin
Java Logo Test Sun's Java Plug-in
RealPlayer Logo Test RealPlayer
Note: when you are using a streaming audio/video plugin like RealPlayer, the quality of the video and audio is very much dependent on the quality of your hardware, the speed of your Internet connection and on Internet traffic at the time that you are attempting to connect. It is "normal" to receive messages from RealAudio telling you that there is network congestion and that it is rebuffering.
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