WWW Account Application

California State University, Chico's computing facilities are for the use of registered students, faculty, and staff for educational purposes only and subject to all terms and conditions stated in the Policy on Use of Computing and Communications Technology. Use of facilities by other than the above or for purposes other than specified is expressly prohibited. Submission of this form signifies that you have read and understand these statements.

Faculty and Staff Applicants

Access to Individual Web Sites

If you are a faculty or staff member desiring a Web account for access to your individual Web space, you only need to go to myweb.csuchico.edu and follow the directions there. You do not need to fill out and submit this form. Your account should be ready for use in about two hours.

Access to Departmental Web Sites

If you are a faculty or staff member desiring access to departmental Web areas, then fill out and submit this form. This will supply you with both an individual account and access to departmental/organizational areas. You will need to wait for e-mail notification before you can access departmental areas. This process normally takes about a day.

You will receive a personal account on the main campus Web server by following initialization procedures above.

Personal Web areas will be set up in location
/m1/"userid"/public_html (e.g., /m1/jsmith/public_html)

Departmental Web areas are (generally) set up in location
/m3/webdocs/"dept abbreviation" (e.g., /m3/webdocs/web)

Student Applicants

Access to Departmental or Student Organization Web Sites

In order to get an account, students must be sponsored by a faculty/staff advisor or faculty/staff supervisor to whom you report. Once approval is obtained from your sponsor, you will be sent instructions on how to gain access to the site you desire.

The timing of your account setup depends to a great extent on authorization from your specified sponsor. Please let your sponsor know he or she will be receiving an e-mail from wwwaccts@csuchico.edu requesting authorization. The sooner the accounts manager receives this authorization, the sooner you will receive notification that you can initialize your account.

You will need to know the department abbreviation (or current Web site address-url) for the area you will be working for in order to have your account set up for correct access.

Departmental and student organization Web areas are (generally) set up in location
/m3/webdocs/"dept abbreviation" (e.g., /m3/webdocs/web)

Account Application Form

* = Required field

Note: Selecting Department or Organization Web Developments an option
will give you unrestricted access to a department or organization's current
Web directory. Contact your department or organization head before
choosing this option.

Note: If you are applying for a site for a new area/organization,
please specify (up to 8 characters), the URL you desire for your area.
For example: www.csuchico.edu/psichi

Note: Only choose WCMS from the above list if you have already been through
the required training. If you haven't, please contact Tony Dunn at x6550
to register before requesting access.

For Students

Enter the Faculty/Staff member to whom you report. If you represent a student organization, enter your faculty advisor.