Wildcat Action Center

The WildCat Action Center has been designed to provide messages directly in the Portal that are critical to your success at CSU, Chico.

Messages include:

  • alerts regarding registration timelines
  • academic standing notifications
  • important upcoming deadlines
  • notifications regarding financial information

What do you do? 

  • Read your message
  • Select the action link or choose a dismiss option
  • Review past messages and actions by selecting 'View History'

Message colors:

urgent indicatorTake corrective action to get back on track

attention indicatorMake an adjustment before you get off track

review indicatorReview critical information

screenshot of wildcat action center

WildCat Action Center Governance, Policies, and Scope

For general questions and Wildcat Action Center Team contact:
Office of the Registrar
(530) 898-5142

For technical assistance contact:
Information Technology Support Services
(530) 898-4357