Tehama 131

THMA 131 is a general student use computer lab that can also be reserved for instructional use. Anyone wishing to reserve the lab must adhere to the following policies and procedures. This lab has 44 PC's, not including the instructor's station. The maximum capacity of this lab is 45 people. 

Reservation Procedures

  • Read the reservation policies below.
  • CLICK HERE to start your reservation request.
  • You will be notified by email within three to five business days whether your request is approved.

Reservation Policies

  • Lab reservations are for the academic needs of CSU, Chico students.
  • Reservation requests that do not require any ITSS staff assistance must be submitted at least 1 week in advance.
  • Reservation requests that do require any ITSS staff assistance (software installs, lab use training, etc.) must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance, and is subject to availability of ITSS resources.
  • The lab may not be reserved for more than four sessions or a total of ten hours in one semester by any department without special approval.
  • The lab may not be reserved for more than four hours total on any weekday during semester.
  • Lab reservations must be for the use of computers, not just the projector.

Lab Use

  • All labs are available for use by students when they are not reserved.
  • ITSS will post a reservation list on the lab door. The workshop instructor is responsible for arriving early and informing the students that they need to be out before the workshop starts.
  • The workshop instructor should turn over the "Class in Session" sign on the lab door during the workshop and turn it over again when the workshop is done.
  • The workshop instructor is responsible for leaving all the computers in their original startup state when the workshop is finished.
  • The workshop instructor is responsible for returning the computer projector to its original state or location when finished.
  • During the workshop, if any problems arise please call x4357 for assistance.

After-Hours Lab Use

Requests for after-hours lab use in THMA 131 will be given by individual authorization on an event by event basis.

On-campus groups or departments must provide the name of faculty or staff members who will be present during the event and who will be responsible for opening/closing the door for the group or class. Lab access will be given through authorization of their Wildcat Faculty/Staff ID card if reservation is not scheduled during the normal academic session days.