Software Purchasing Recommendations

Fall 2007

IT Support Services recognizes the need to procure hardware and software that is supported on a limited or time and materials basis. While we may charge time and materials for support of some of these products, we have had experience with them, and hence we strongly encourage departments purchase from this list. Please note that recommendation does not necessarily equate to full IT Support Services support.

Installation, troubleshooting, and repair of software or hardware not on IT Support Services "supported" list is subject to time and materials charges for all services, for all departments.

For a more in-depth overview of IT Support Service's charged departments, please visit our Charged Departments page.

For information on recommended desktop computers, laptops, printer and monitors, please visit our Hardware Recommendations page.

*Denotes items that will not need prior approval for purchase by the Procurement office because they are supported by IT Support Services.

IT Support Services recommends the following software for procurement:

Software IT Support Services Support Notes

Microsoft Office 2003*
Microsoft Windows XP*
Macintosh OS X*
Office 2004 for Mac*
Filemaker Pro v. 8.5*
Creative Suite 3 *

Please see IT Support Services Supported PC and Supported Macintosh software lists.