ITSS Support Guidelines

What Support Does IT Support Services Provide?

IT Support Services provides comprehensive technology support to the CSU, Chico community. We are comprised of two primary groups for student, faculty, and staff support: the student, faculty, and staff service desk and field services support.

All requests for phone, voicemail, networking, accounts, hardware, and software support should originate from the Service Catalog, an e-mail to, a call to x4357, or in person in MLIB 142.

Service Desk

Contacts to the Service Desk are generally free for all departments, retirees, and guests; however phone and walk-in support are limited in scope and duration. The Faculty/Staff Service Desk provides a wide range of services including accounts issues; software troubleshooting; on call technical assistance for phones, networking, and voicemail; support for major campus IT projects; IT training, and much more.

Requests requiring a service desk technician are subject to charge.

Field Services

Field services technicians provide a range of services including: receiving new computing equipment; imaging computers with campus supported software images; assisting in the transfer of data between desktops; providing diagnostic troubleshooting; assisting with desktop security management and incidents; department consultation; management of the Campus Computer Refresh Program; assistance on enterprise projects; and much more.

Requests requiring a field service technician are subject to charge.

Factors that determine support charges

Whether the hardware or software is officially supported
Whether there is a state or foundation decal on the equipment.

What is “supported" hardware and software?

These are the products that IT Support Services service desk analysts and field service technicians have training and experience in supporting. In general these products have proven reliability, parts availability, and superior vendor technical support. Many of these products have also been determined as reliable enterprise-wide computing solutions for the University.

We strongly recommend faculty and staff to procure and/or upgrade to hardware and software that IT Support Services supports, so that we can provide you with optimal service, and so that you have assurance that your configuration will be compatible with our complicated networked environment. View supported hardware.

Why do we charge for non-standard configurations?

Setting up computers is a time-consuming process, even when standardizing on a few supported models. Every brand and every model within a brand uses different components which in turn require specific software (drivers) to work in our campus environment. Installing all the drivers, our campus supported software, and configuring the system by hand can take 3-4 hours each (this does not include the time to transfer data from old systems to new). We typically image 500 new machines for the campus each year, and “re-image” another 250 or so. This works out to over 56 weeks of full-time work, which in turn equates to hiring 2-3 students solely dedicated to the imaging of machines. It also leaves the process susceptible to non-uniform installations, which are more difficult to support, maintain, and secure. Setting machines up by hand is expensive, thoroughly impractical, and fraught with support and security issues. More...

What if the standard system won’t meet my needs?

Our standard system is designed to meet the needs of a majority of our campus faculty and staff. However, we recognize there are instances where a person needs more computational power than what our standard system offers. You can purchase any system that meets your needs (you may want to consult with us first to confirm that) as long as you understand it results in increased support costs and you are willing to pay for that extra support.

Why do I have to have a state decal on my equipment?

IT Support Services will provide support and assistance on state or foundation procured hardware (desktop/laptop/laser) with university decals only. We do not provide support for personal equipment.

High risk items (computers, printers, monitors, etc.) purchased with state or foundation funds costing greater than $500 have university decals placed upon them by Property Management.

Many smaller peripherals are typically exempt from decals since they are less then $500. IT Support Services will provide service as time permits and as we are able on these items (charges may apply).

If there is no decal on a larger piece of computing equipment, we will not service it until it has a decal. Please contact the Property Management office (x5176) to have a state decal placed on your equipment as appropriate.