List of Departments and their Charge Status

March, 2002

Below is a list of most campus departments, and the charge status that we have set for each department. If you have any questions or concerns, or if your department is not listed, please e-mail us and let us know!

Department AbbreviationDepartment NameCharged By IT Support Services?
AA Provost/VP Academic Affairs No
AAO HR - Employment Practice No
ABI Agriculture Business Institute Yes
ABIL Ability First Program Yes
ACMS Account & Management Information System No
ACPY Accounts Payable No
ADMS Admissions Office No
ADV Academic Advising Service No
AGR College of Agriculture No
ALCI American Language Culture Institute Yes
ALM Alumni & Parent Relations No
ANTH Anthropology No
AO Accounting Operations No
APB Academic Plan and Budget No
APO Academic Pubs & Data Service No
ARCH Archaeology No
ART Art & Art History Department No
ARTS School of the Arts No
AS Associated Students Yes
ASBO AS Business Office Yes
ATEC Academic Technologies No
ATHL Intercollegiate Athletics & Recreational Sports Yes
ATL Intercollegiate Athletics & Recreational Sports Admin No
BA VP Business & Finance No
BACS New Technologies and Business Yes
BEI Bidwell Environmental Institute Yes
BGAD Business Graduate Advising No
BIOL Biological Sciences Department No
BKST AS Bookstore Yes
BMUA Bell Memorial Union Administration Yes
BMUI Bell Memorial Union Information Yes
BRC Business Resource Center No
BSS College of Behavioral & Social Science No
BUD Budget Analysis & Research No
BUND Business Undergraduate Advising No
BUS College of Business No
CADC Campus Alcohol & Drug No
CAPE Center for Applied & Professional Ethics Yes
CARS Vehicle Reservations No
CAT Chico Academic Transition No
CAVE Community Action Volunteers in Education Yes
CBIL Center Bilingual Studies Yes
CC Computing Services No
CCP Psychological Counseling & Testing No
CDES Communication Design Department No
CDLA Child Development Lab No
CE Civil Engineering No
CEDP Center Economic Development No
CEEX Continuing Education Ext. Yes
CELT Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching No
CFA California Faculty Association No
CFLP Northern California Foreign Language Project No
CHEM Chemistry Department No
CHLC Children's Center Yes
CHLD Child Development Program No
CHSP Child Support Project Yes
CIS International Studies No
CLIC Communication Legal Information Center Yes
CM Construction Management Department No
CMAS Communication Arts & Sciences Department No
CME College of Communication & Education No
CMNX Center for Manufact Excel No
CMSE Center for Math and Science Education No
CMST Communication Studies No
CNS Communications Network Services No
CNTR Contracting Services Division No
CNTS Counseling Center No
COM School of Communication No
CONT Continuing Education Yes
COOP Cooperative Education Yes
CRC Mountain Caregiver Resource Center No
CSCI Computer Science Department No
CSEA Cal State Employee Association No
CSRV Communications Services No
CU Credit Union Office Yes
CUAN Cultural Anthropology No
DSS Disability Support Service No
EAP HR - Faculty & Staff Assistant No
EARC Environ Action Resource C Yes
ECON Economics Department No
ECT College of Engineering Computer Science and Technology No
ED School of Education No
EDSC Education Services Center No
EDUC Education Department No
EHS Environmental Management Health & Safety No
ELCE Electrical & Computer Engineering No
ENGL English Department No
ENGR School of Engineering No
ENR Enrollment Management No
EOP Educ Opportunity Program No
ESP Educational Support Programs No
EXED Experiential Education No
FA Financial Aid Office No
FABO Financial Aid Business Service No
FARM Ag Teaching & Research Center No
FCP Facilities Planning No
FD Foundation Administration & Person Yes
FDSV AS Food Service Yes
FIN Financial Services No
FLNG Foreign Language & Literature No
FMS Facilities Management & Service No
FNMK Finance & Marketing Department No
FRES Facility Reservations No
GEOP Geography & Planning No
GEOS Geosciences Department No
GIC Geographical Information Center Yes
GNED General Education No
GNMG AS Management Office Yes
GS Graduate & International Program No
GST General Studies Thematic No
HCI Humanities Computing Inst No
HCSV Health & Communication Service No
HFA College of Human & Fine Arts No
HFS Housing & Food Service Yes
HIST History Department No
HNRS Honors Program No
HR Human Resources No
HSNG Housing Office Yes
HSSH Housing Shop Yes
HUM Humanities Program No
IBM IBM Computer Network Lab Yes
ID ID Cards No
ILG Instit Local Government Yes
IMC Instructional Media Center No
INF Information Resources No
INFO Information Center Yes
INRL International Relations Yes
INSR Insurance and Risk Mgmt. No
IR Institutional Research No
ITSS Information Technology Support Services No
JOUR Journalism Department No
KCHO KCHO Public Radio No
KCSC KCSC Student Radio Yes
LADO Library Administration Office No
LAR Library Academic Resource No
LASD Library Access Services No
LBMG Library Building Management and Student Personnel No
LBST Liberal Studies Advising No
LCIR Library Circulation No
LCMT Library Collection Management & Technical Services No
LCUR Library Curriculum No
LEVY Passages-Adult Research Cent No
LGPM Library Govt Publications No
LILL Library Interlibrary Loan No
LING Linguistics Yes
LINS Library Instruction Prog No
LLOA Library Limited Loan Serv No
LPER Library Periodicals No
LPHT IMC Photography Service No
LREC Library Extended Campus Ser No
LREF Library Reference No
LSO Library Systems No
LSPC Library Special Collect No
LSPR Library Special Resource No
MAIL Mail Services No
MATH Mathematics & Statistics No
MCGS Multicultural & Gender Studies No
MCLD McLeod Institute of Simulation Sciences Yes
MDSV Media Services No
ME&M Mechanical Engineering & Manufacturing Department No
MESA Math Engineering Science and Achievement No
MGED Migrant Education No
MGMT Management Department No
MLIB Meriam Library No
MNCP California Mini Corp Yes
MSSP Multi Senior Services Program No
MUS Music Department No
NCWP Northern California Writing Project No
NFSC Nutrition and Food Science No
NMD Network Management & Design No
NS College of Natural Sciences No
NURS School of Nursing No
OPT Overweight Prevention & Treatment No
ORON The Orion No
P+C Procurement Services No
PA Public Affairs No
PADM Public Administration Program Yes
PAYR HR - Payroll Office No
PBSF Public Safety & Services Yes
PERS HR - Staff Human Resources No
PHAN Physical Anthropology No
PHED Physical Education & Exercise Science No
PHIL Philosophy Department No
PHYS Physics Department No
PIE Education for the Future No
PLAW Public Law Program Yes
PLC Career Plan & Placement No
PLOP Plant Operations No
POLS Political Science Department No
PRNT University Printing Service No
PROP Property Management No
PRS President No
PRV Provost's Office No
PSED Professional Studies Education No
PSY Psychology Department No
PUB Publications Office No
PURC Procurement Services No
RS Religious Studies Department No
RCE Regional & Continuing Education Yes
RCNP Rural California Nursing Preceptorship No
RCP Regional & Cont Ed Profes Yes
RCVG Shipping & Receiving No
RECC Adventure Outings Yes
RECR Recreation & Parks Management No
RENT Reentry Center Yes
REPR Regional Programs Yes
RISE Resources for International Studies in Education Yes
SA VP University Advancement & Student Affairs No
SAC Student Activities Office No
SASO Student Academic Service Outreach No
SDEV Staff Development No
SEMP Student Employment Office No
SEN Academic Senate No
SFIN Student Financial Services No
SHP4 Shop 4 No
SHS Student Health Service No
SJD Student Judicial No
SLC Student Learning Center No
SOCI Sociology No
SOSC Social Science Program No
SOSW Social & Social Work Dept No
SPMJ Special Major No
SPPA Speech Pathology & Audiology No
SPPG BSS Special Programs No
SPRJ Sponsored Programs Office Yes
SRO Records & Registration No
SSEX Summer Session & Extension Yes
STAC Staff Council No
STAT BSS Statistics Lab No
STGV Student Government BMU Yes
SURP Surplus Property No
SURV Survey Research Center No
SWRK School of Social Work No
TDP Teacher Diversity Program No
TEST Testing and Research No
TGCM Tehama Group Communication Yes
THEA Theatre Arts Department No
TLP Technology & Learning Program No
TSED Educational Talent Search Yes
TYPE Typesetting & Image Setting No
UBII Upward Bound for ESL Learners No
UBOX University Box Office No
UED Undergraduate Education No
UOP University Outreach Program Yes
UP University Police No
UPBD Upward Bound Program No
UPE University Public Events No
URL University Development and Advancement Services No
US University Services No
VETS Veterans Affairs Office No
WOMN Women's Center Yes
WOS Warehouse Operations No
WPP Word Processing No
WRTC English Writing Center No
YRBK Yearbook No

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