E-mail Tutorials

Proofpoint SPAM Filtering

As of May 21, 2007 the Proofpoint spam filtering system has been implemented on both Wildcat and Exchange systems as a supplement to the Spam Assassin (below). Proofpoint operates on the server level to quarantine spam messages before they reach your account. A "Spam Digest" is sent to each account every day at 3 p.m. indicating messages that have been quarantined. Read more information.

Communicating with Students via E-mail

There are several ways to communicate with Chico State students via e-mail.

Student e-mail addresses

CSU, Chico students potentially use a number of different e-mail addresses.

Wildcat Mail
The University provides a Wildcat Mail account to every student. The goal of the University is to communicate to students that their Wildcat Mail account is the official account used by the University to communicate with them electronically. If students choose not to check their Wildcat Mail account regularly, they can forward this e-mail to an account they do check regularly.

WebCT mail
Every course that uses WebCT includes the ability to use WebCT mail within the courses. WebCT mail can only be used between faculty and students within the course, not for communication to or from outside e-mail systems.

Non- CSU, Chico e-mail
A majority of students use one or more e-mail accounts from outside providers like Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc. The University for the most part does not attempt to maintain records of these outside e-mail accounts.

Faculty communication with students

To communicate with individual students using their Wildcat Mail account, faculty can look up student e-mail addresses in the campus directory.

There are two methods for communicating with students as a group by course/section:

  • Outlook/Exchange-based course distribution lists – Faculty can use Outlook to e-mail to all students registered in a given course/section. This system uses e-mail distribution lists that are regularly updated with the Wildcat Mail addresses of students in each course/section. 
  • WebCT – There is a WebCT course shell set up for every course. Some faculty prefer using this e-mail to communicate to their students since it is completely separate from other email systems and only used for course communication. For more information visit the TLP website.

College/Department communication with students

Student announcements
A compiled e-mail announcement to students goes out once a week, and is similar in nature to the campus announcements that go out to faculty and staff. For more information see Student Announcements.

Bulk e-mail
Authorized personnel in college and department offices have the ability to send bulk e-mail to students matching various criteria (such as major) using the Enrollment Management CRA system. For more information contact Enrollment Management.

Configure your Account in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003

  • Exchange (For On-Campus Users)
  • IMAP (For Off-Campus Users)

Configure your Account in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Configure Your E-mail in Mac Entourage

  • Exchange (For On-Campus Users)
  • IMAP (For Off-Campus Users)

Configure Your Standalone E-mail Client

If you are using Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, or Mac Mail, follow these instructions for configuring your e-mail client.

Backing up messages in Outlook / Entourage to Personal Folders

If you would like to save your e-mail to your local hard drive, the following instructions will show you how to create a personal folder file to accomplish this.


Disable Microsoft Outlook Preview Pane

Visit the campus wiki to learn how to disable the Outlook preview pane.

Check your Exchange Mailbox Size

Visit the campus wiki to learn how to check your Exchange mailbox size.

Disable Outlook 2003 Feature to Use Word as Mail Editor

Visit the campus wiki to learn how to disable using Word as a mail editor in Outlook 2003.