Club Meetings
Regular meetings are every Monday and Thursday from 5:30pm to approximately 9pm.

For those of you who are familiar with our show format, every meeting we show two episodes of a 22 through 26 episode series, two episodes of two 12, or 13 episode series, and a Pres Pick. With the exception of the Pres Picks, we do finish watching the series that we start.

However, this semester, we are going to try something new. Due to the complications of organizing events utilizing school facilities "outside of normal business hours" (anything after 5pm on a Friday or the weekends is considered "outside of business hours") without accruing extra expenses, save for the Bell Memorial Union, among a few other buildings on campus, as well the lack of social interaction other than during breaks.

The Breakdown: For Mondays and Thursdays, we will show up to two to three episodes of either ONE 22 through 26 episode series, or TWO 12, or 13 episode series.

For Mondays, we will have a 20-minute "panel" of the week. For Thursdays, we have predetermined activities. On days that do not have regular showings due to one of the meetings have a holiday (Monday holiday are usually the most commonly used for holidays), we usually have the following: Anime Crowd Picks, panels done by one of our sister clubs, members, supporters, or officers, or any other events that can be finished within our allotted time.

Prez picks are usually shown at the end of our featured showings

All short series will begin on the SECOND week of club meetings. Be sure to come along! :)

Event Descriptions
AMV Showing
A collection of excellent AMVs (Anime Music Videos) formed into several playlists and shown during dead week.

BBQs and Picnics
A chance to get to know other club members outside of club and a chance to enjoy food and games. These events are potluck (everyone brings a little something).

Swap Meet
An event that allows members and non-members to bring in anime related items and allows them to be traded with others.

Video Game Tournament/Exposé/Extravaganza
A collection of mini tournaments of several different games with prizes. Competition games are voted on by attendees. A variety of game types such as fighting, racing, rhythm and other multiplayer genres are usually available.

Tabletop Gaming Night and/or Card Tourney
A gaming night that involves anything you can play on the table. It can be board games, "puzzle" games, cards, or even dice and blocks. Card tournaments usually involve Magic the Gathering and other competition-like card games.

Movie Nights
Movies are shown about once or twice a semester. It may be accompanied by pizza. Both live action and animated films are shown.

Chico Mini Con
A miniature convention held in Chico put together by the Japanese Animation Club and several other clubs on campus. More details can be found on the Mini Con page located here.

A marathon showing of a series either all on one day or split between several days.

Member Picks
The chance for club attendees to bring in a series that they would like to show in club. All series brought in on a member pick day will be voted on by people in attendance that day.

Fundraising Day (or week)
An opportunity for regular and non-regular members and supporters to help support the club by buying various items either through a sponsor (which a percentage of sales goes towards club funds), or through the efforts of various supporters and officers. Usually food items or club apparel.