J&PR Wired

Following Her Career
to the City of Dreams

By Natalie Norris

Brenna Robinson
Alumni Brenna Robinson smiles for a professional photograph. Credit: Pfizer

The alarm goes off and the busy agenda begins. It's time to check the inbox for emails, hop on a subway in New York City and grab an iced coffee to go, all before 9 a.m.

This is just an ordinary day for Brenna Robinson, a Chico State journalism alumna. Robinson is currently a senior manager at Pfizer, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.

With all the duties she is accountable for, Robinson is constantly multitasking.

"My schedule varies, but in a typical day I'll have meetings on topics such as the strategy and direction of Pfizer programs, status updates, Web, social, media outreach, etc.," Robinson said. "I'll also write and review materials, collaborate with internal and external partners, send out social media posts and try to keep up with a seemingly endless stream of emails."

Robinson has her hands full, but her drive to succeed has always kept her moving forward.

While taking a full course load at Chico State, Robinson was the general manager at Tehama Group Communications. She also worked at Chico Performances, promoting and doing marketing for artists and guest speakers.

Robinson's ability to take on many responsibilities taught her how to manage her time wisely and prioritize accordingly.

"No matter what your job is, there are likely many ongoing and competing needs, and learning how to prioritize, manage your time and meet deadlines, how to work well with others and inspire and manage a team, all while producing excellent work, are some of the most critical skills that you can cultivate," Robinson said.

Robinson has spent most of her career in Los Angeles, working for several public relations agencies such as GolinHarris, where she was an assistant account executive, and Hill & Knowlton, where she was a senior account executive. From Los Angeles, Robinson moved to New York in May 2012 where she continued her work in public relations at WCG, a global communications company.

"While at an agency in New York City I worked on a Pfizer initiative where I had the opportunity to build relationships and work with the team and on some of the projects I am currently working on," Robinson said. "When the opportunity arose to go in-house at Pfizer, I, of course, jumped at the opportunity."

Robinson began working with Pfizer in June 2013. She is one of the many success stories of Chico State J&PR alumni and has worked her way to the top, learning all aspects of public relations.

Robinson thinks that managing Tehama Group Communications was the best way to prepare her for the real world. Learning to lead a team was a challenge; however, the opportunity allowed Robinson to gain the skills she uses today in order to juggle life and work in New York.

All with an iced coffee to go.

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