By Britney Witherspoon

When Tehama Group Communications was founded in 1990, the vision of advisers Katie Milo and Sharon Yoder was to foster an environment that gave public relations students hands-on, team-oriented experience working for actual clients.

The brand identity of J&PR’s student-managed, full-service PR agency has remained relatively the same since its founding. The fall 2016 team decided to make an adjustment.

“It was time for a change,” said fall 2016 General Manager Cheyenne Cameron-Pruitt. “We pursued the rebrand because the world of PR is changing and TGC strives to be on the cutting edge.”


The brand image that TGC has cultivated over the years reflects incremental changes to the original logo. Below are the original, mid-2000s update and recent logo refresh.

As with everything in PR, TGC’s new logo was carefully planned by its team of graphic designers and PR staff.

Each of the colors chosen represents what TGC stands for.

TGC designers did not choose the hexagon on a whim.

“Hexagons give us an upbeat agency vibe, which we are, instead of basic circles and squares,” explained Erin Riley, the graphic designer who crafted the new logo.

Hexagons also communicate community and efficiency, a message that is at the center of everything TGC does. The students of TGC can be equated to a hive of busy bees: Everyone has one goal, to produce high-quality work for the agency and its clients, and each person has a different job that is integral in reaching the overall goal.

“The new look and feel brighten the TGC online presence,” said Dr. Milo, who co-founded the agency and is now a professor emerita. “These changes mesh nicely with the creative problem solving and planning, clean and effective writing, and professionalism upon which the agency has built its reputation.”

Cameron-Pruitt is excited to leave the refreshed look as her semester’s legacy.

“There are so many people that have been a part of TGC and each team leaves their own mark and it’s really cool that this gets to be ours,” she said.