Strategy Students Go Green for Client

By Jennifer Wright

Chico State public relations students are doing their part to help the community and the environment by working with Chico Green Campus, a program that promotes on-campus sustainability.

“Public Relations Strategy” students created strategic communications plans to raise awareness and participation for Green Campus, and then worked to implement their own plan book ideas for the client.

The client was so impressed by the efforts of the strategy students that the class was mentioned in the Green Campus April 2008 newsletter with the headline “Large Success With the PR Class!”

The efforts of the strategy helped Green Campus gain recognition on the Chico State campus, which increased the environmental consciousness of students, faculty and staff.  

“It’s one of the best things that could’ve happened to us,” said Amelia Gulling, a Green Campus staff member who worked with the students. “We’re making all the other programs jealous.”

Some of the ideas the students used were the creation of a mascot named Captain Energy, an organizational brochure, and new MySpace and Facebook accounts. They also created media materials for the organization and a new Green Campus Web site.

An internship plan created by the strategy students included a retreat for Green Campus interns to educate them more about the organization, team member Ricki McCarroll said.

The team also created an internship brochure and targeted honors students and students with a minor in sustainability for internship opportunities.

“It’s been a great experience because I was thinking about going in-house, but I didn’t have any experience before this,” McCarroll said.

The students also organized Relay to a Brighter Future, an event targeted toward first-year students that was held in April 2008. The event featured an obstacle course, prizes and an information booth to increase student awareness of Green Campus and energy conservation.