Tehama Group Communications Hooks Parents for School

By Shelby Hollister

Hooker Oak Elementary School had low enrollment rates because of the lack of public knowledge about its open-structured classroom program, but it was able to re-brand itself to the community with the help of Tehama Group Communications.

The school’s open-structured classroom program utilizes a thematic based learning environment that is planned around children and the manner in which they learn.

TGC created a brochure and logo that highlighted the school’s exceptional learning environment, and focused on Hooker Oak's mission to give students the best form of education by meeting each child’s needs through hands-on activities and community involvement. 

"We did a lot of work on the branding of the school and helping them determine how they did and didn’t want to be seen by the public," said Lauren Moreno, former TGC production director.

Hooker Oak’s goal was to use the brochure to increase student enrollment, and to showcase the school’s impressive curriculum. TGC worked with parents, teachers and administrators to help form the messages and design.

"(TGC) did above board effort and had a keen understanding of what we needed,"said Robert Williams, principal of Hooker Oak School. "The results were outstanding."

To view examples of work interns have done for Hooker Oak, view the link below: