Northern California Natural History Museum Breaks Ground with help form Tehama Group Communications

By Shelby Hollister

The Northern California Natural History Museum found that it needed money, publicity and an event, so it turned to Chico State’s public relations program to jumpstart the planning and construction of the new museum.

The NCNHM started out as a “Public Relations Strategy” client where it sought help with fundraising ideas. Then it hired Tehama Group Communications to create and start further public relations services.

The NCNHM was developed as a partnership between Chico State’s College of Natural Sciences and a collection of interested community citizens. It will be a state-of-the-art natural history museum celebrating the region’s natural beauty and resources. TGC faced the challenge of getting information about the groundbreaking event and the museum itself to the news media.

"The Board of Directors of the Northern California Natural History Museum was fortunate to have the professional support of Tehama Group Communications throughout all aspects of our event planning for a major museum groundbreaking,” said Judy Sitton, president of the NCNHM Board of Directors.

Before the April 24, 2008, groundbreaking event, TGC developed media materials, created a list of media outlets and wrote biographies about the board members. These materials helped get information about the event to the public.

“TGC includes eager and professional students who have produced a wide variety of marketing products to help the museum get our message out,” said Greg Liggett, executive director of the NCNHM. “We gain cost effective assistance and are able to provide real-life experience to the students.”

Along with producing materials, TGC assisted in the planning and execution of the groundbreaking event. Throughout the day, TGC was responsible for the setup and takedown as well as solving last-minute logistical problems. TGC acted as the liaison between the museum and the media and was also responsible for photographing the event.

“Their implied creativity and accountability in addressing our needs, requests for literature design, setup and publicity along with ongoing involvement the day of the event were exceptional," Sitton said. "We are indebted to TGC for their expertise and partnership."

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